40 Global Future Councils Launched to Help Shape the Great Reset

The World Economic Forum launched 40 Global Future Councils that enable experts worldwide to work together to shape “The Great Reset” in the post-COVID-19 era. The Network of Global Future Councils brings together more than 1,000 experts from 31 industries and 81 countries and serves as a brain trust for leaders from all walks of life. Sounds Great, RIGHT? When you’ve read a few articles on the “The Great Reset” one becomes aware of a pattern of Buzz Words and Phrases: Equitable, Sustainable, Future, Inequalities, Net-Zero and phrases such as Artificial Intelligence for Humanity, Equitable, sustainable and prosperous future, Systemic Inequalities, Social Cohesion, Net-Zero Transition, Prosperous future. All which are fine but lead to a road you might like to avoid “Socialistic Communism” and Global Governance by the unelected; with far less rights and far greater controls and far less choices being yours to make and that might also include your term of life. As all good plans have redundancy contingency built in. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 08 2021 Davos summit shifted to Lucerne in May

The annual gathering of the world’s political, economic and business elite traditionally takes place in January against the idyllic snowy backdrop of the Swiss Alpine village of Davos. But it was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, charged with remodelling the world economy in the wake of the crisis, will now be held 125 kilometres (75 miles) away in the plush Burgenstock resort overlooking Lake Lucerne. Somebody please remind me when did we elect these elite to run the world? Continue Reading

2020 OCT 07 WEF Says 2021 Annual Meeting to Take Place in Lucerne in May (The Great Reset)

The World Economic Forum announced its 2021 annual meeting will be held in Lucerne-Buergenstock, Switzerland, after organizers postponed the usual gathering in the ski resort of Davos due to the pandemic. The meeting under the banner “The Great Reset” is scheduled to take place from May 18 to May 21 2021. WARNING THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THIS IS IN FACT VERY REAL AND THE GREATEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY AT A GLOBAL SCALE.  Continue Reading

2020 JUN 04 WEF sets 2021 agenda: The Great Reset

THE GRAND PLAN We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. The Great Reset will require us to integrate all stakeholders of global society into a community of common interest, purpose and action, “A great reset is necessary to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being,” WARNING THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THIS IS IN FACT VERY REAL AND THE GREATEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY AT A GLOBAL SCALE.  Continue Reading