2021 MAR 24 Can You Trust Big Pharma’s Gene Therapy Vaccine?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE As noted by Russel Brand in a recent video commentary (above), some of the same drug companies now responsible for developing and manufacturing fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccines were also responsible for creating the opioid crisis in the U.S., which… Continue Reading

2021 JAN 10 Shawn Skelton Indiana Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine Severe Reactions

Shawn Skelton, a CNA for the past 25 years who works at the Good Samaritan Home, a nursing home in Evansville said she was perfectly fine prior to receiving the Moderna COVID 19 Vaccine she says the Vaccine has caused her body to shake uncontrollably and tongue to wildly spasm. Since her incident there has been multiple recipients of the vaccine who have suffered similar events. Continue Reading

2021 FEB 02 Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes

Around the world, reports are pouring in of people dying shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In many cases, they die suddenly within hours of getting the shot. In others, death occurs within the span of a couple of weeks. Do a Risk-Benefit Analysis Before Making Up Your Mind, there are Massive Amounts of Serious Side Effects Emerging and Are Lethal Effects Being Hidden? Protect Your Right to Informed Consent and Defend Vaccine Exemptions Continue Reading