2020 NOV 02-09 (03) Time Double Edition: If Corporations Really Want to Address Racial Inequality, Here Are 9 Things That Actually Make a Difference

As I read this I cannot but help thinking that it does nothing but fuel racism! True equality in the work force comes from employing the best qualified to carry out the job not what colour is his or her skin is. The society I grew up in did not gauge your abilities by your colour; and I’m far from convinced it’s such a problem even within the USA; to focus on “Black Lives” is to be racist against all other ethnicities hence fuelling racism. It becomes the dog chasing the tail; Corporate policy needs to direct employment based on merit. Sex (Gender) or Colour must not be the defining qualities. To improve the future of any ethnic group one must focus of Education; that actually equips and builds real skills; that leads to real employment opportunities. The revitalisation of Vocational Skills based Training needs to be birthed in line with manufacturing which absorbs the skilled labour. If there is not perceived future for the youth moving through the educational system and supported by a stable social environment of home and family the vicious cycle of [social / economic / educational] poverty will persist and pasted down to the following generations. Continue Reading