2020 OCT 23 Medical Journals Refuse To Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study

Could this be happening because a inconvenient truth about “The Establishments” convenient Truth on Masks and COVID-19 is rising on the dawn of scientific understanding; the only problem presently with this truth is the arena of “Science” is no longer science in the COVID World of this “Convenient Pandemic”. Science has taken on the sinister and factious nature of “Politics and Social Engineering puppet masters” who lurk in the bleaches manipulating the strings to bring about the predetermined outcomes which supports the “Grand Plan” that’s humanity living in constant Fear which allows nefarious actors to abuse inalienable humans rights of Choice and Speech; bottom line Control Society and bring a passivity upon the human spirit that cherish freedom and liberty. Continue Reading

2020 SEP 10 Belgian Doctors Open Letter COVID-19

Belgian Doctors Open Letter addresses a broad spectrum concerning COVID-19 covering; Whats is Health Care, PCR Testing & the problems with False Positives, Lockdown effectiveness and effects, Lethality addresses the Fact that the virus is no more lethal then a seasonal flu, Focus on the immune system & social isolation and its short and long term impacts; Use the safe and efficient therapy we already know works HCQ + Zinc  + Azithromycin; The virility of the virus concerning its Propagation; Masks what role do they play; Elimination is not a reality there will be corona waves, Practitioners are bound by their Hippocratic Oath and it has compelled them to speak out publicly; Vaccines are not the answer, Media & Politic at the cost of Lives, Emergency Health Orders and the sanctity of Human Rights. Continue Reading

2020 AUG 03 We Kid You Not; COMING NEXT, Wearing Masks Inside Your Own Home

The efficacy of wearing masks to stop the spread of coronavirus is still highly disputed, despite media attempts to publicly shame those who refuse to wear them. The Netherlands has refused to enforce the wearing of masks, while health authorities in Sweden have described them as “pointless.” Continue Reading