2020 OCT 27 UK Independence Party (UKIP), Suzanne Evans NZ likened to Nazi Germany by far-right British politician for its Covid quarantine protocol

New Zealand has been likened to Nazi Germany by a far-right British politician, who said Aotearoa’s managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) Covid-19 protocol was “absolutely horrific”. A sentiment also shared by many New Zealanders in spite of NZ Mainstream Media rushing to the defence of Jacinda Ardern Continue Reading

2020 SEP 28 New Zealand to Upgrade Trade via Belt and Road, Chinese State Media Reports

Jacinda Ardern is a Socialistic Communist and a devote Globalist; possessed with the plan to hand New Zealand’s Sovereignty into the Hands of the Globalist / UN for Global Governance which is connected with the expansionism of CCP to Establish a Economic Empire to Conquer the Western World Economic Dominance Namely America whose core ethics of Nation Statehood is the biggest hinderance to moving ahead into a One World Government System. Continue Reading