2020 SEP 10 Belgian Doctors Open Letter COVID-19

Belgian Doctors Open Letter addresses a broad spectrum concerning COVID-19 covering; Whats is Health Care, PCR Testing & the problems with False Positives, Lockdown effectiveness and effects, Lethality addresses the Fact that the virus is no more lethal then a seasonal flu, Focus on the immune system & social isolation and its short and long term impacts; Use the safe and efficient therapy we already know works HCQ + Zinc  + Azithromycin; The virility of the virus concerning its Propagation; Masks what role do they play; Elimination is not a reality there will be corona waves, Practitioners are bound by their Hippocratic Oath and it has compelled them to speak out publicly; Vaccines are not the answer, Media & Politic at the cost of Lives, Emergency Health Orders and the sanctity of Human Rights. Continue Reading