2022 OCT 19 Top NIH Official Was Unaware of Boston Lab’s New COVID Research With ’80 Percent’ Kill Rate in Mice

Gain-of-Function Research is illegal October 17, 2014, in the US. The very reason this science was shifted to CCP China under Obamas watch then Obama issues Jan 2017 Memo Authorizing Funding for ‘Gain of Function’ R&D! When does a memo rescind law so, please explain why this University has not been shut down and its faculty arrested and facing charges. Interestingly The university defended the research and pilloried what it described as misleading and false reports about the study, asserting that no gain-of-function research, which could enhance the lethality or transmissibility of a pathogen, was carried out during the research. However, is this a case of Science Researchers; play semantics with meanings to create a loophole. Continue Reading