2020 OCT 16 CA politician leaks new COVID21 lockdown plan and ‘Great Reset’ dictatorship – Q is Australia part of it

Please bear in mind this contents veracity needs to be further investigation; it is not the opinion of 4cminews but its worthy of investigation as it does has some remarkable linkages to what is called THE GREAT REST touted by the World Economic Forum and Sky News spoke firmly against last week. And more concerning is Bill Gates own words 2020 indicating a far worse virus was coming which was far more lethal; not that 4cminews is saying this is what’s a foot as facts. I’d rather it be a Hoax … Continue Reading

2020 SEP 13 HCQ; Saudis MoH vs. Australian MoH; Clearly Saudis MoH  are not killing their citizens with COVID-19

What Would the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health Know About Using Hydroxychloroquine to Treat COVID Patients ? CLEARLY FOR MORE THAN Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison, MoH Greg Hunt MP, DoH Secretary Brendan Murphy, Acting  Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly &  Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth; who continue to prop up the unscientific interference between Practitioner and Patient concerning the use of HCQ in treatment of COVID 19. This unscientifically based stonewall they’ve placed  runs contrary to more than 65 studies which demonstrate HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) used with Zinc is very effective companion medication therapy especially when taken in the early stage of COVID 19 infection; Studies have clearly demonstrated using this treatment regime massively reduces Hospitalisation and Mortality. Continue Reading