2020 JUN 01 Rioting to Cease; Pres. Trump Mobilises Federal Law & Military; plus applies 7pm curfew

This rioting that has spread across the USA is fanned and driven by Professional Anarchists, Violent Mobs, Arsonists, Looters, Criminals, Rioters & ANTIFA. Deployed at levels to dominate streets, and end this rioting immediately if Governors and mayors fail to deploy the President Trump will step in and do it immediately; President Trump will defend all citizens Continue Reading

2020 MAY 31 No Doubt Victoria ‘did not consult DFAT’ before signing controversial China deal

Minister for International Development and the Pacific Alex Hawke has told Sky News categorically the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade “did not receive” the Belt and Road Initiative agreement before it was signed by the Victorian Government. Continue Reading