2020 SEP 12 Kiwis National Rally for Freedom; Thousands in New Zealand Attended

Contrary to New Zealand Medias attempts to lie to the people of New Zealand telling them protesters will be arrested; that is a outright lie; this protest has been organised in-conjunction with the Police who have kindly made available the whole of queens street in CBD Auckland for the protestors to traverse up and back for their protests. 4cminews Opinion: These alleged actions concerning Mainstream Media fake news reporting only serves to add fuel to the growing knowledge that M.S.M. has become corrupt and dishonest. As everyday goes by and the corrupt and dishonest conduct of media being revealed, reveals  Main Stream Media has become part of the problem concerning globalist take over of the nation of New Zealand; to effect real change in New Zealand Advance NZ will need to reform the laws around Press services and remove the protections for litigation to force back the integrity of News Providers to providing factual reports based of evidences that will stand the tests of litigation in the courts, with penalties which are of a magnitude to make Global Corporate entities sit up and take notice of the cost for false reporting fines to the organisation and prison time for the author, the editor and CEO of the Organisation within New Zealand. Continue Reading