2020 OCT 14 CA Alleged LPC Whistleblower SP Committee Member reveals; COVID19, COVID21 & The Great Reset

Please bear in mind this contents veracity needs to be further investigation; it is not the opinion of 4cminews but its worthy of investigation as it does has some remarkable linkages to what is called THE GREAT REST touted by the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates own words 2020 indicating a far worse virus was coming which was far more lethal; not that 4cminews is saying this is what a foot as facts. God Help Us all if it is, that’s all one can say. This is truly the stuff of  Frankenstein levels I’d rather it be a Hoax … Continue Reading

2020 OCT 14 Letter to the Editor; The Stuff Hit-Job on Billy TK

Stuff has sunk even deeper into their political advocacy by publishing a 50-minute “documentary” and associated text article defamation piece against Billy Te Kahika (co-leader of the Advance party). They have been obviously a politically biased outlet for years, but this is the lowest I have ever seen them sink. Continue Reading