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2019 Aug 29 Jayda Fransen Interview The Future

Jayda Fransen’s reflections and refocus and vision 2019  and on… Continue Reading

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2019 JUL 25 David Vance Speaks With Jayda Fransen; The Next Chapter

Remarks: Jayda Fransen was retweeted by President Trump, de-platformed by social media channels and ended up in prison for ‘hate crime’. David Vance talks to her as she plans to embark on the next chapter of her life. As passionate free speech advocates, AltNewsMedia will give a voice to people others close down, whether we agree with them or not. Continue Reading


2019 APR 20 Notre Dame Cathedral Fire What You CAN’T Say…

Remarks: As you know Christians all over the world are being targeted and persecuted, whilst the majority of world leaders remain silent. At the start of Holy Week, the world watched in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral burned. It soon became apparent that there was one subject that was strictly off-limits… Continue Reading


2019 APR 04 UK Jayda Fransen Restricted YouTube Video & Account & Tommy Robinson Banned Facebook

Remarks: Here is her original video, which you can clearly see is restricted: Why? Continue Reading