2019 JUL 12 Killing Free Speech Part 1

The film features embattled Border Patrol agents and shocking undercover footage of the far-left extremist groups operating in America. Killing Free Speech reveals their; tactics and lays bare the open-borders agenda on the radical left. Continue Reading


2018 SEP 25 Plaasmoorde; The Killing Fields by Katie Hopkins’ Documentary about South Africa

Plaasmoorde: The Killing Fields is a world-first — a documentary that goes well beyond polite interviews in safe places and deep into uncomfortable places, where the heart of the truth lives. Included in this groundbreaking work are interviews with active farm attackers and serving police officers who confirm corrupt police are complicit in the mass-slaughter of South Africa’s whites. Their truths are horrifying – a man and woman branded with hot irons and left to die. A husband killed in front of his wife and children. An elderly woman raped, another with half her face blown off from a shotgun. And they all share a common thread: revenge. Continue Reading


James May on the Moon (10 Years) (Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4)

James May on the Moon (2009) James May commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings. The show saw May interviewing Apollo moonwalkers Harrison Schmitt, Alan Bean, and Charlie Duke, before himself experiencing weightlessness and G-forces similar to that of a Saturn V rocket launch. As a passenger in a Lockheed U-2 spy plane, May flies to the stratosphere with his instructor pilot, Major John “Cabi” Cabigas, where they are able to view the curvature of the Earth and the atmosphere. Continue Reading