Choose Truth and Choose Life by Vladimir Zev Zelenko M.D.

The false narrative regarding HCQ has nefariously demonized this life-saving medication. The false safety concerns regarding HCQ have created global panic among patients, physicians, and governments. The truth is that HCQ is one of the safest medications in the world. It has been used by millions of patients for 65 years in the treatment of malaria, malaria prophylaxis, and several rheumatological diseases. It is also given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 11 Oxford’s ‘Recovery’ Trial On Hydroxychloroquine: The Greatest Medical Scandal Of Our Age

The worst scandal is that health bureaucrats in Australia are continuing to rely upon the toxic results of this RECOVERY to justify denying sick Australian COVID patients access HCQ. only to be morally and ethically compounded by the media (with handful of notable exceptions) who are refusing to report anything about this, other than parrot the statements coming from the people at Oxford behind this toxic trial. Continue Reading

2020 AUG 03 We Kid You Not; COMING NEXT, Wearing Masks Inside Your Own Home

The efficacy of wearing masks to stop the spread of coronavirus is still highly disputed, despite media attempts to publicly shame those who refuse to wear them. The Netherlands has refused to enforce the wearing of masks, while health authorities in Sweden have described them as “pointless.” Continue Reading

2019 SEP 20 Epstein Accusers; Six Women Detail Child Sex Abuse V01

In an NBC News exclusive, Savannah Guthrie sits down with six women who have levelled sexual assault allegations against disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died by suicide in August. In her first TV interview, Virginia Roberts Giuffre details how Epstein directed her to have sex with other powerful men, including Britain’s Prince Andrew. Continue Reading

2019 JUL 10 NRL is Playing Politics, Not Rugby League

Rugby League has been hijacked by social do-gooders pushing political causes that have nothing to do with the game. Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the NRL is ‘playing left-wing politics’, not rugby league, in both the Israel Folau case and in the call to constitutionally recognise First Nations people. Mr Bolt says the country must ‘call time’ on ‘this kind of ridiculous identity politics’. Continue Reading

2018 SEP 14 Chinese Propaganda; Belt and Road Initiative Explained

(In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled an ambitious plan for economic integration on a global scale. What became known as the Belt and Road Initiative has seen at least 68 countries and international organisations sign trade and infrastructure deals with China. Beijing says the initiative will benefit the whole world and lift millions out of poverty. But critics, including the US and several major European countries, fear China’s real motive is to gain more power and influence on the world stage.) Continue Reading