2020 OCT 23 Medical Journals Refuse To Publish Landmark Danish Mask Study

Could this be happening because a inconvenient truth about “The Establishments” convenient Truth on Masks and COVID-19 is rising on the dawn of scientific understanding; the only problem presently with this truth is the arena of “Science” is no longer science in the COVID World of this “Convenient Pandemic”. Science has taken on the sinister and factious nature of “Politics and Social Engineering puppet masters” who lurk in the bleaches manipulating the strings to bring about the predetermined outcomes which supports the “Grand Plan” that’s humanity living in constant Fear which allows nefarious actors to abuse inalienable humans rights of Choice and Speech; bottom line Control Society and bring a passivity upon the human spirit that cherish freedom and liberty. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 23 President Trump, The Villages, Florida; Rally

President Trump Rally, The Villages, Florida: Eleven days from now, we’re going to win the state of Florida. We’re going to win four more years in the White House. I think Joe Biden proved last night that he’s not capable of being President of the United States. The country saw firsthand that this election is a choice between a Trump recovery, and I’ll call it because that’s what’s happening, it’s a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression because you will have a depression. It’s a choice between optimism, patriotic vision for American success, or Joe Biden’s dark, dismal, gloomy. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 22 Trump Interview Unedited (CBS 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl) clearly doesn’t want to listen to the facts.

President Trump said this was being done due to the hostile nature of CBS interviewer, and released prior to CBS release of their Edited version {President Trump according to CBS Lesley Stahl} bearing in Mind we are days out from Nov 3 Election 2020 and knowing the history of CBS the Trump Administration correctly gauged what was coming would be a political hit piece to promote their preferred candidate corrupt Joe Biden. By releasing the unedited version President Trump has virtually ripped the heart out of the interviewers possible attempts to manipulate the facts by crafting clip bites with no context to whole nature and tenure of the interviewer. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 22 Tony Bobulinski Statement; Joe Biden is Lying about China Business Deals Joe is (The Big Guy) & (My Chairman)

It is alleged Joe Biden has been Lying to all of America; Joe Biden has been selling his influence as VP when in Office, Joe Biden is a National Security Risk and should not hold and security clearances. Joe Biden has illegally profited from Dealing with a Enemy of the USA. for personal gain.  Continue Reading

2020 OCT 19 Complete Exposé of Hunter Biden’s History of Crony-Connected Jobs

This comprehensive account of Hunter Biden’s “unique career trajectory,” as one former family friend gently put it, was pieced together through interviews with more than a dozen people, several of whom insisted on anonymity to describe private conversations, and after an in-depth examination of public records, including Securities and Exchange Commission filings, court papers, campaign filings, federal lobbying disclosures, and congressional documents Continue Reading

Choose Truth and Choose Life by Vladimir Zev Zelenko M.D.

The false narrative regarding HCQ has nefariously demonized this life-saving medication. The false safety concerns regarding HCQ have created global panic among patients, physicians, and governments. The truth is that HCQ is one of the safest medications in the world. It has been used by millions of patients for 65 years in the treatment of malaria, malaria prophylaxis, and several rheumatological diseases. It is also given to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 11 Oxford’s ‘Recovery’ Trial On Hydroxychloroquine: The Greatest Medical Scandal Of Our Age

The worst scandal is that health bureaucrats in Australia are continuing to rely upon the toxic results of this RECOVERY to justify denying sick Australian COVID patients access HCQ. only to be morally and ethically compounded by the media (with handful of notable exceptions) who are refusing to report anything about this, other than parrot the statements coming from the people at Oxford behind this toxic trial. Continue Reading

2020 AUG 03 We Kid You Not; COMING NEXT, Wearing Masks Inside Your Own Home

The efficacy of wearing masks to stop the spread of coronavirus is still highly disputed, despite media attempts to publicly shame those who refuse to wear them. The Netherlands has refused to enforce the wearing of masks, while health authorities in Sweden have described them as “pointless.” Continue Reading