2020 NOV 23 What is the Deceptive purpose; Social Media COVID-19 ‘Fact Checks’ Suppresses Truth and Promotes Falsehoods

Social Media “fact checking” feature is ostensibly intended to prevent users from becoming misinformed about important matters. Instead it’s being used as a tool for political propaganda and censorship of truthful information that does not align with certain political agendas. Thus, the term “infection” is not synonymous with “disease.” A person may be infected with SARS-CoV-2 and yet not have COVID-19, and a positive PCR test does not necessarily mean that the individual tested has the disease. Continue Reading

2020 OCT 16 Emails: Burisma Adviser Told Hunter Biden His ‘Ultimate Purpose’ Was to ‘Close Down’ Investigations

EMAIL QUOTE: My only concern is focus to be on the same page re our final goals. With this in mind, I would like to formulate a list of deliverables, including, but not limited to: a concrete course of actions, uncle. meetings/communications resulting in high-ranking US officials in Ukraine (US Ambassador) and in US publicly or in private communication/comment expressing their “positive opinion” and support of Nikolay/Burisma to the highest level of decision makers here in Ukraine :President of Ukraine, president Chief of staff, Prosecutor General, etc Continue Reading

2020 OCT 16 ‘Fact Check’ Arbiter Poynter Institute Blasts Facebook, Twitter for Censoring Biden Bombshells

The Poynter Institute, which certifies third-party fact-checkers for the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe, has published a column accusing Facebook and Twitter of acting as “arbiters of truth” following the mass censorship of the New York Post’s recent article about Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Continue Reading