2020 NOV 02-09 (22) Time Double Edition: Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Speaks with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex About Building a Better Tech Industry

Humble Opinion: This is the Far Left Lunatics VIRTUE SIGNALLING at the next level: “RACISIM which it called “White Privilege BashingVirtue signalling (BLM) Black Lives Matter who in fact are not only a Marxist organisation, it is essentially a de-facto terrorist organisation inside of the USA Continue Reading

2020 NOV 02-09 (03) Time Double Edition: If Corporations Really Want to Address Racial Inequality, Here Are 9 Things That Actually Make a Difference

As I read this I cannot but help thinking that it does nothing but fuel racism! True equality in the work force comes from employing the best qualified to carry out the job not what colour is his or her skin is. The society I grew up in did not gauge your abilities by your colour; and I’m far from convinced it’s such a problem even within the USA; to focus on “Black Lives” is to be racist against all other ethnicities hence fuelling racism. It becomes the dog chasing the tail; Corporate policy needs to direct employment based on merit. Sex (Gender) or Colour must not be the defining qualities. To improve the future of any ethnic group one must focus of Education; that actually equips and builds real skills; that leads to real employment opportunities. The revitalisation of Vocational Skills based Training needs to be birthed in line with manufacturing which absorbs the skilled labour. If there is not perceived future for the youth moving through the educational system and supported by a stable social environment of home and family the vicious cycle of [social / economic / educational] poverty will persist and pasted down to the following generations. Continue Reading

2020 NOV 02-09 (02) Time Double Edition: Europe Has Big Plans for a Green New Deal. Poland’s Coal Country Isn’t So Sure

South of Poland, but the ground is clear of any snow, and the thick clouds don’t carry any precipitation. Instead, the skies have been darkened by a layer of smog. The culprit is coal, and if there was any doubt, it would be dispelled by the 50-mile drive across the countryside from historic Krakow to the industrial city of Katowice. Lining the highway, there are the coal-processing facilities, where the rock is cleaned and prepared for use. Smokestacks jut into the sky, marking the country’s coal-fired power plants. Even the homes, visible from the highway, have a faint gray-colored exhaust, the result of the coal being used for heat. Continue Reading

2020 NOV 02-09 (01) Time Double Edition: A Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It

Since those early moments of the crisis, it has been hard to be optimistic about the prospect of a brighter global future. The only immediate upside, perhaps, was the drop in greenhouse-gas emissions, which brought slight, temporary relief to the planet’s atmosphere. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that many started to wonder: Will governments, businesses and other influential stakeholders truly change their ways for the better after this, or will we go back to business as usual?  Continue Reading