2020 JUL 11 NZPP; Autistic Child Quarantine Update & Death Threats to NZPP Leadership

Family lockdown update: Tamsin Beale the Mother of a 14 year old autistic son has reported a good outcome has been achieved thanks to NZPP and Autism NZ getting involved, also NZPP sadly must report that a Serious Death Threats to NZPP leadership: has now been reported to relevant authorities; as an potential hostile foreign actor has been identified as being allowed to enter NZ and without serving any COVID 19 quarantine period?  Continue Reading

2020 JUL 09 NZPP Billy Te Kahika Live; Major merge Formal signing expected Sunday

Major merge Formal signing Expected Sunday 12 July,  there are four more minor parties merging into NZPP Going Field Electoral Candidates for Every Seat in the Country 78 in total. In the first instant please register your interest we will communicate with. Continue Reading