The Poxy Garden Path 10: Wuhan Bio Lab has been Manipulating H7N9 (Monkeypox) Virus To Be More Lethal (2022 May 19)

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Remarks: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus. The Wuhan bio lab that was the centre of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox, to make it more lethal to humans, according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Virologica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in February. FULL STORY HERE:

BACKGROUND HEADLINES: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus

The Wuhan bio lab that was the centre of controversy surrounding gain of function research on coronaviruses appears to have been carrying out the same kind of research on monkeypox, to make it more lethal to humans, according to a report citing the peer reviewed journal Virologica Sinica which published the lab’s findings in February.

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2019 Wuhan COVID-19 now its 2022 Wuhan MONKEYPOX

A scientific journal published by top Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers shared studies appearing to engage in gain-of-function type research, a controversial method of studying pathogens that can increase their lethality.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology is believed to have engaged in the risky form of research regarding bat coronaviruses, as now-deleted webpages reveal the lab manipulating bat coronaviruses to “replicate efficiently in primary human airway cells and achieve in vitro titers equivalent to epidemic strains of SARS-CoV.”

Now, the latest edition of the lab’s journalVirologica Sinica, appears to contain a similar style of research with the H7N9 virus in chickens and mice. The publication’s Editor-in-Chief is Wuhan’s infamous “bat lady,” Shi Zhengli, who is the lab’s premier bat coronavirus researcher and a recipient of funds from Anthony Fauci through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.

Virologica Sinica published the study “Combined Insertion of Basic and Non-basic Amino Acids at Hemagglutinin Cleavage Site of Highly Pathogenic H7N9 Virus Promotes Replication and Pathogenicity in Chickens and Mice” in its most recent edition, published February 2022.

The paper’s abstract outlines how researchers “generated six H7N9 viruses,” analyzing how various amino acids altered the virus’ virulence and infectivity.

“We characterized the reconstituted viruses in terms of viral replication in avian and mammalian cells, thermostability and acid stability, cleavage efficiency, the virulence in mice, and pathogenicity and transmissibility in chickens,” outlined the study.

“The I335V substitution of H7N9 virus enhanced infectivity and transmission in chickens, suggesting that the combination of mutations and insertions of amino acids at the HACS promoted replication and pathogenicity in chickens and mice,” explained researchers.

While the study conducted experiments on mice and chicken, it noted that H7N9 variants are “also highly transmissible in ferrets, posing the threats of pandemic potential in humans.”

In one case study, the H7N9 variant caused a 35 percent mortality rate in mice, with researchers noting that certain amino acids “increased the pathogenicity”:

Surprisingly, the monobasic mutants (i.e., PEIPKGR/G) showed clear symptoms of infection, including shaggy hair and abdominal breathing, after the second day of infection, followed by 15% of weight loss compared to the initial weight and death, with a mortality rate of 35%. In addition, each H7N9 viruses can replicate efficiency in lungs of the infected mice PEVPKRKRTAR/G (P ¼ 0.0109) significantly increased viral titers in the lungs of mice compared to that of the PEVPKGR/G group, indicating that the insertion of KRTA increased the pathogenicity of mice.

“Notably, we observed that the insertion of non-basic amino acids TA and IA in H7N9 viruses caused death in mice despite having the same viral titer, which suggested that HPAIV H7N9 inserted with a non-basic amino acid posed a potential threat to humans,” added the paper.


The paper follows continued revelations about the Wuhan Institute of Virology engaging in “gain of function” research with U.S. taxpayer funds from Fauci’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) agency.



Monkeypox Combined insertion of basic and non-basic amino acids at hemagglutinin cleavage site of highly pathogenic H7N9 virus promotes replication and pathogenicity in chickens and mice

Volume 37, Issue 1,
February 2022,
Pages 38-47

DOI: 10.1016/j.virs.2022.01.001
Pages 10 | FILE SIZE: 1.62mb

Authors: Aobaixue Zhou, Jiahao Zhang, Huanan Li, Qiang Xu, Yiqun Chen, Wanying Liu, Guanming Su, Xingxing Ren, Guangjie Lao, Baozheng Luo, Ming Liao, Wenbao Qi.

The study was first published in February 2022, just months before the latest international outbreak of monkeypox cases which appear to have now reached the United States.

Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-associated recombination

DOI: 10.1016/j.virs.2022.02.009
Pages 7 | FILE SIZE: 1.69mb
Published: 28 February 2022

Authors: Lei Yang, Lingqian Tian, Leshan Li, Qiuhong Liu, Xiang Guo, Yuan Zhou, Rongjuan Pei, Xinwen Chen, Yun Wang

Researchers appeared to identify a portion of the monkeypox virus genome, enabling PCR tests to identify the virus, in the paper: “Efficient Assembly of a Large Fragment of Monkeypox Virus Genome as a qPCR Template Using Dual-Selection Based Transformation-Associated Recombination“.

The paper acknowledged that this Transformation-Associated Recombination (TAR) “applied in virological research could also raise potential security concerns, especially when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen.”

The full paper can be read left:

The revelations follow on from suggestions from a source within the European Centers For Disease Control that the current strain of monkeypox rapidly spreading across the globe appears to be “a third lab strain with unknown characteristics, and that there is chatter about this being somehow related to Moscow’s charges against U.S. biological activities in Ukraine.”

This information, along with several other reports indicating that drills and ‘war game’ scenarios by the WHO and the Gates Foundation involving monkeypox will once again serve to stoke fears that the outbreak could have originated from a bio lab.

Just as news of the first monkeypox case found in the U.S. broke, the Biden administration ordered 13 million doses of a vaccine that protects against both monkeypox and smallpox.

The World Health Organisation is warning that summer festivals and mass gatherings could accelerate the spread of monkeypox in the first indication that health technocrats may once again attempt to impose restrictions in the name of stopping the spread of a virus.

“As we enter the summer season in the European region, with mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate, as the cases currently being detected are among those engaging in sexual activity, and the symptoms are unfamiliar to many,” said Dr Hans Kluge, WHO regional director for Europe.

This weekend, Belgium became the first country to begin imposing quarantine measures for the virus, as Joe Biden also stated that the developments were ‘concerning’.

Sky News reported that “Exactly what is driving the UK’s largest outbreak is a mystery,” especially as health experts previously asserted that monkeypox wasn’t very transmissible amongst humans, with some speculating it has mutated.

The virus is also spreading at the same time the WHO is preparing to vote on an international pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

According to critics, the treaty would, “give the unelected WHO greater control of national emergency healthcare decisions and new powers to push vaccine passports, global surveillance, and “global coordinated actions” that address “misinformation” whenever it declares a “health emergency.”

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ORIGINAL SOURCE: Date-stamped: 2022 May 19 - Author: Natalie Winters - Article Title: Wuhan Lab Publishes Study Manipulating H7N9 Virus To Be More Lethal. - Article Link:

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ORIGINAL SOURCE: Date-stamped: 2022 May 23 - Author: Steve Watson - Article Title: Report: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus - Article Link:

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