1. These are not vaccines. Not even by definition. These are gene drive tech compounds sold to allegedly function as per vaccines. Which of course now has all people participant in this global hoax, in breach of the Nuremberg code. Now there is also what before couldn’t be proven, ergo the intention to purposely arm an other human being by (lethal) injections.
    Premeditation is also one more fact that needs to be spoken out in every court of (in)justice. Organisations such as human rights and freedom rights should have their leaders taken to court too. Military and cops sworn to serve and protect, have but suppressed, killed and eventually arrested.
    Media in general and news readers, more inhuman trash to take to court one by one. With the same smirk they have had all throughout these 18 months of people’s genocide.
    Who is more criminal? Who makes these killer brews or the governments that keep allowing, luring, coercing people to go for these jabs? The health care systems that still make people believe PCR testing is there to spot a zoonotic virus the only one in the world without any spreading history to back trace that pops out in specific times, in specific areas of specific countries … that do not even have horse shoes bats to start with? Health care system that keeps using PCR tests without the 20 folds adjustments?
    Why having people pushed for killer jabs when there are far more economic, available and safer treatments at hand? Why not listening to our own virologists’ recommendations and warnings, virologists being the only people in the world qualified to advice, talk and inform about vaccines and viruses?
    Why 457 visa holders do not have to quarantine for two weeks, pay up $3000 like everybody else that comes from overseas, but instead they do actually get thrown onto the job straight away, cause their ‘medical’, ergo blood test result is good enough to do so? Why all other people are not blood tested too? Why has the government accepted to have PCR tests with 40 + folds and not enforced the 20 folds adjustment straight away?
    And now what is going to happen to all the jabbed? Besides death there are already airlines companies that do prefer to not have any of the jabbed on their flights … too high risk of sudden death out of blood clotting. Four Air British pilots have already died on the job cause of those jabs … You can imagine the rest that agreed to these jabs, how happy is to fly today … so not. N you as a customer, you will be wanting to know if you are sitting near a jabbed or not, for the side effects these jabbed cause to non jabbed, but above all, cause nobody wants to have a flight with a dead body as per neighbour.
    Could carry on for months about all the unanswered questions people have had since Jan last year. People in the governments, in the organisations, in the systems … all names and surnames of people that have verbal and/or written authority that have pushed for this disgrace to happen, they all have to be sued. Take those genocidal corrupted new world order trash down and have laws, proper laws that will never ever again give any government the power to mass murder.
    After all the government exists cause people do exist first. A government is a platform not a judge and jury of it and them all. When people do not have any power of decision and/or their decisions have no power whatsoever, these people do not live in a democracy, but in a dictatorship.
    Creation is not for any of these puerile gods and virologists wanna be, to manipulate, let alone to destroy.

  2. Im sorry but i just looked up the constitution 51.23 (51 XXiiiA) and it is not what you are saying it is. I want to know my rights to refuse this but I feel that you have given the wrong information.
    “the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;”

  3. Can you please clarify Angela’s points above regarding whether this information is accurate

  4. Can you please specify specific specific High Court Rulings regarding Section 51.23.a relating to this matter.

  5. I sincerely hope there is high court rulings on that matter in our favour, but I have not been able to find them.
    Can someone point me to just one of these rulings?
    Historically, 51xxiiia does not apply to citizens being mandatorily anything, it applies to the medical profession cannot be conscripted to do anything. This is a totally different scenario.
    Court cases please.

  6. Would Mr Dixon care to comment on 51.23a with respect to section 107?
    Although 51.23a appears to provide protection against the Commonwealth mandating medical procedures (either directly or indirectly via what could be considered to be effectively a secondary boycott, e.g. withdrawal of a benefit), States retain the right to legislate health matters under 107.
    As the Northern Territory and ACT are not a States, can the Commonwealth override vaccine mandates in the ACT and NT?

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