1. If it will happen really then there shall remain nothing for astounding for them who’re aware about the symptoms of antichrist’s physical rising. I think happening of it is very very usual, since whole west are fan of antichrist and assisting Israeli Kabbalists to hasten dazzle. Because before physical riding of antichrist they will exterminate two third of world population by man hand created various diseases and anyway establish massive rapid war field through out the world.

  2. You are right, Aatkutri. The whole west are fans of the antichrist. I suppose they deserve everything they get from their corrupt politicians. I tried many times to awaken the People, but to no avail. Go to ivanparty.org to see what I have done to stop Satan and his antichrist? Incidently, I have discovered I am the real King of England and hereditary King of Israel (DNA result).

  3. As long as Americans have Weapons for self protection, the above group best realize when this Schwab World Forum tries to expand West, we are more than Welcome them with our huge mass of people that are awake & aware of this anti freedom movement, looking forward of extermination of this Group of lunatics who want another Hitler Regim

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