2021 JAN 19 NURSE, MY PFIZER COVID VACCINE story Stacee Dominguez Hanson

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Remarks: Its 2020 DEC 18 approx. 12:30 pm, at the designated station I pull up my right sleeve and receive the Pfizer Vaccine. I think, “okay, that wasn’t so bad” then it was off to the waiting area for 15 minutes to make sure no reactions occur reports Stacee little did she know her world was about to undergo a life threatening reaction. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2021/03/26/2021-jan-19-nurse-my-pfizer-covid-vaccine-story-stacee-dominguez-hanson/

BY: Stacee Dominguez Hanson

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My Pfizer Covid vaccine story…. Stacee Dominguez Hanson

I have waited to post my story out of fear of negative comments, therefore I’m asking you to please don’t leave a negative comment because this is MY story. Thanks

I was excited to be chosen to receive the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine. I have been a nurse for 20 years and love what I do for my community. I felt that everyone in my life, including my patients, family as well as myself would benefit if I receive the vaccine. After all what could be so bad about a vaccine? I believe vaccines are good. I’m healthy, No health conditions and No allergies.

On 12/18/20 around 12:30 pm, I go to the designated station pull up my right sleeve and receive the injection. I think, “okay, that wasn’t so bad” and I leave to go to the waiting area for 15 minutes to make sure no reactions occur.

As I was in the elevator going down, one floor, to the seating area, I felt some dizziness.

I think to myself that I just stepped wrong in the elevator.

I get to the floor and was greeted from a nurse that asked me to wait for a minute to be seated.

I then felt a big wave of dizziness over my body. I asked if I could sit now as I was feeling really dizzy and my legs feel like noodles.

The nurse kindly said yes, sit anywhere you’d like.

I sat down and she asked how I was feeling? I said kinda dizzy and weird but I don’t think it’s anything.

A sweet girl sitting across from me said to me, “it’s not in your head, I feel the same thing.”

We looked at each other with a bewildered look in our eyes.

Then the girl sitting across from me said that she was starting to feel a tickle in her throat. A few minutes later, I started feeling the same, a tickle in my throat.

We both agreed that it still probably wasn’t anything and maybe we needed to drink some water.

Next she said to the nurse that she is feeling “fullness” in her throat.

The medical personnel quickly took her away to one of two back rooms to possibly start an IV.

I sat there alone when I also started feeling a “fullness” in my throat and I looked around but didn’t see anyone.

Then the Physician came up to me and asked me how I was feeling? I told her, “I feel fullness in my throat also,” with deer in a headlight look on my face.

She took me to the other room in the back, just in case we need to start an IV. An IV? For what?

I was confused and thought I’m okay just feeling a little strange.

I go to the back room and blood pressure showed 187/100 and pulse 120. I was asked by all personnel if I had HTN, allergies or allergies to the flu vaccine.

I said No I don’t have any allergies or HTN.

The fullness in my throat quickly escalated to feeling like I was being choked with extreme heat inside my body that started at my throat and waved down to my abdomen and back up.

That’s when I got an IV, Benadryl, solumedrol and my first injection of epinephrine.

Now my blood pressure and heart rate was even higher and I start shaking uncontrollably due to the epi (epinephrine).

I stare at the ceiling and I feel this is surreal and not me, I still don’t quite realize what’s happening until the medical person standing on my left side asks the physician on my right, she’s having an anaphylactic reaction, isn’t she?

The physician on my left says, “yes, she is.”

The physician says to me your O2 SATS (SATURATION) are good, therefore you are breathing, so try not to be scared and keep talking to me.

He holds my hand, telling me not to worry that he’s got this and I’m going to be fine.

He then says your voice sounds raspy. Can you try to talk louder? I could not talk any louder.

As my fingertips turn blue, tears start coming down from my eyes, and my symptoms get worse.

I began feeling like I was drowning. I tell him, it’s getting worse and I feel like I’m drowning!

That’s when I got the second epinephrine injection. My body continued to shaking but even worse.

Then Finally, but slowly, the strangulation halted and my symptoms started getting better. It was going away!

I could breath a little better now and my voice starts getting stronger.

Once I was out of danger, I realized I had been there for an hour, as I was wheeled to a hospital bed to wait for my body to regain normalcy again.

It was 8 pm when I finally left the hospital.

The other girl that had the anaphylactic reaction like me went to ICU so I felt lucky to be going home.

I felt awful still with a horrible headache, I couldn’t walk 20 steps without being S.O.B. (SHORTNESS OF BREATH) and my throat felt like I had been kicked.

My wonderful daughter picked me up as I couldn’t drive and helped me recuperate.

This was by far the craziest thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

I trust vaccines and medicine, and couldn’t believe what happened to me.

I wanted to tell MY story so you could hear a true story from someone who lived through an anaphylaxis reaction after receiving the COVID vaccine.

The first pic is when I sat and felt dizzy and the second pic was right before I was discharged.

I was saved by not only great health care personnel and medicine, but but the grace of God also.

Thank you God for saving my life!

Thank you for listening to my story.

Please be careful if you receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine and feel free to share my story… thank you to my friends and family that helped me recuperate, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Love you all and feel so greatly that you are in my life. ??♥️??

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Date-stamped: 2021 JAN 18 - Time-stamped: 16:29 - Author: Stacee Dominguez Hanson - Article Title: My Pfizer Covid vaccine story - Article Link 01: stacy.d.hanson.5

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