1. I’m beginning to question my own Sanity, I thought HRC was already executed, does this mean this is all fake? or what exactly is going on? I’ve been ready for “The big reveal” for the last month, am I insane thinking this is all happening? or is this all going on?

    • I assumed the bitch was sent to Gitmo in 2019 a few months after she read her note in the envelope at the Bush Snr funeral In December 2018.

  2. Oh if this is true I say about time. She should have plenty cell mates

  3. The World is fed up with being treated as mentally weak or incapable of dealing with the deep Serious Truths of all the dark programs and unlawful deeds.
    If those who first witnessed such serious events or discoveries could handle it and then make profit on it, then we all can handle the truth. We all will get over any shock just as all who are privy to such into.
    Now, if all is true about these tribunals and the accusations that are so gracious and tyrannica, then the world deserves to view these trials live now! Enough of the excuses, or having to be covert. Tidy up the final tasks and finish removing all the offenders against the world and make it live and public.
    OJ Simpson was live and that only involved his wife and coconspirators. How could these tribunals be less important since they affect every human being on Earth!? This is not transparency and we are done with all the hidden secrets and BS. We are still being treated with disrespect and the world is watching with expectations of an immediate change from lies and deception and hidden backroom theatrics. What we are getting is more of the same which proves to the world that this too may all be just the intro to the next phase of newer wealth building structure just as it has always been.

    We need straight up truth with full disclosure of all evidences by honorable people with steadfast integrity. If these Tribunals are real and they already executed these people then they have denied the world their justice and dignity! This is why I just can’t see men of honor hiding any of this nor is it the proper way to earn trust of all the Citizens of the USA but even more from the rest of the worlds population who have suffered equally or severely worse over all these years.

    Truth, Honor, Integrity, Justice for All in plain straight up delivery is the only chance to move forward!

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