1. First stated taking interest when folks were wearing I like IKE buttons. I was young but for some reason was drawn to paying close attention. Not proud at all of what has become of us. I am a conservative who believes as Ben Franklin said,” we have a Republic if you can keep it”. Biden called it a Democracy. We save it now or it is forever gone and with it any civility. Evil will flourish to the nth. degree. All is not well with the Lord either. I have grown in my faith realizing we have nothing else. Someone said long ago if God wasn’t real he would need to be invented. This is it!

  2. Are you aware of OBAMA Shutting Down HOLYLAND FOUNDATION TRIAL, to. Protect MuslimBrotherhood Terrorists?

  3. I want to know if this stuff is a load of crap to steer us the wrong way. I want to hear from Trump, tired of hearing a lot of folks with a few tiny bits of info that might be the same

    • WARNING: This Is Not Verified Information Its Chatter!!! 4cminewswire has no opinion to express its up to the viewer to verify discard. Sharing the content is to field feedback it puts a light of the contents veracity suppression just fuels this misinformation.

  4. Why would you be posting a sting operation on the internet if it’s supposed to be a sting? What’s the truth?

  5. Where do you receive the information you put on the site? It would be fantastic if all of this information is true and going to happen as stated.

  6. Thank you for speaking up. !!!
    I’ve been following this for 10 years
    in UK so tired of so many people asleep … it’s time to wake them up

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