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Jason Berns Senior Vice-President, Product and Manufacturing Innovation, Ralph Lauren


Jason Berns is the Senior Vice President of Product Innovation and Manufacturing withing Global Operations of the Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global fashion brand with 2019 FY revenues of $US 6.3 Billion and thousands of retail locations world-wide.

A Bachelor of Science Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati Mr. Berns provides leadership in Product Innovation.

After serving for Salomon, Arc’teryx Equipment, Fisher Price and most recently Under Armour Inc. he joined Ralph Lauren Corporation in 2016. Mr. Berns has applied his experience in Europe, Canada, and Asia championing concepts from drawings, to prototypes, to factory production and has been actively involved in all aspects of the product creation process from ideation to technology acquisition and licensing through to commercialization.

Mr. Berns he has spent a significant time on factory floors in Asia to recognize him as line-stitcher. Together with many other achievements he is listed as a primary inventor on more than a dozen patents.

Prior to joining Ralph Lauren, Mr. Berns served as the Sr. Director for Open Innovation and Apparel in advanced concepts and development at Under Armour Inc.

Under his lead the Open Innovation team engaged in discovering, acquiring, applying and protecting great technologies. Numerous new Under Armour technologies were identified from outside the sports industry; his ideology is finding opportunities with unexpected people or groups and in unexpected industries subsequently reaching the performance edge to drive new product concepts, new business opportunities, sustain innovation and ensure continued strong growth.

As the principal for product innovation at Ralph Lauren, Mr. Berns is tailoring a team and process to serve Ralph Lauren identify unique value-added and consumer focused opportunities in key product areas. Since creating the product and manufacturing innovation team at Ralph Lauren the team has launched programs including a direct to consumer on-demand customized product manufacturing platform, initiated 3D design and development programs, developed and launched a recycled and waterless version of the iconic polo shirt and created marque technologies for the US Olympic team uniforms.[1]SEE URL:

Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American fashion company producing products ranging from the mid-range to the luxury segments. They are known for the clothing, marketing and distribution of products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories, and fragrances.[2]SEE URL:,

Senior Vice-President,
Product and Manufacturing Innovation,




MEMBER: Global Future Council on Advanced Manufacturing and Production

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