2020 SEP 12 Kiwis National Rally for Freedom; Thousands in New Zealand Attended

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TWITTER A Serious Violators of the 1st Amendment

Remarks: Contrary to New Zealand Medias attempts to lie to the people of New Zealand telling them protesters will be arrested; that is a outright lie; this protest has been organised in-conjunction with the Police who have kindly made available the whole of queens street in CBD Auckland for the protestors to traverse up and back for their protests and 3,500 protesters attended. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2020/09/12/2020-sep-12-kiwis-national-rally-for-freedom-thousands-in-new-zealand-attended/

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4cminews Opinion: These alleged actions concerning Mainstream Media fake news reporting only serves to add fuel to the growing knowledge that M.S.M. has become corrupt and dishonest. As everyday goes by and the corrupt and dishonest conduct of media being revealed, reveals  Main Stream Media has become part of the problem concerning globalist take over of the nation of New Zealand; to effect real change in New Zealand Advance NZ will need to reform the laws around Press services and remove the protections for litigation to force back the integrity of News Providers to providing factual reports based of evidences that will stand the tests of litigation in the courts, with penalties which are of a magnitude to make Global Corporate entities sit up and take notice of the cost for false reporting fines to the organisation and prison time for the author, the editor and CEO of the Organisation within New Zealand.

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Advance Party and crowd rallies against COVID-19 restrictions and Lockdowns

Original Source: Date-stamped: 2020 SEP 12 | Author:   Article Title: Advance Party and crowd rallies against COVID-19 restrictions and Lockdowns Article Link: rnz.co.nz

The woman jailed for breaking out of a managed isolation facility appeared at a protest rally against the government’s use of lockdowns and other Covid-19 restrictions.

A crowd of a few thousand packed in Auckland’s Aotea Square this afternoon, at the “National Rally for Freedom”, organised by Advance Party co-leaders, Jami Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika.

There was little social distancing and few people in the crowd wearing masks.

When the rally was finished, the large group continued its protest down Auckland’s Queen Street before returning to Aotea Square.

There were a number of police present at the rally; they refused to comment when approached by RNZ and asked whether there were any concerns about social distancing given the size of the crowd.

In a statement to RNZ later, police said with today’s event it was “possible that attempts to enforce Alert Level restrictions would have caused tension in an otherwise peaceful protest, without being effective in managing physical distancing of participants”.

Inspector Grant Tetzlaff from Auckland City Police says it is common for police to make contact with organisers of planned events “to ensure the events will be carried out in a peaceful manner that is safe for all involved”.

He says they spoke to organisers to ensure they were mindful of their obligations under alert level restrictions currently in place.

“The actions of police are always dictated by the situation presented to us,” Tetzlaff says.

“Police will be further engaging with organisers of today’s event to set clear expectations for any future action.”

Enforcement options are available for serious or repeat offences, he says.

Te Kahika told those present they “grieved” for the woman known as ‘LK’ after she “was made an example of last month.”

“She is one New Zealander who has suffered a considerable loss because of the government’s responses to COVID-19.”

The woman, who was not named, did not address the crowd.

She was sentenced to 14 days’ jail after escaping from an isolation facility, with the judge saying he accepted grief had likely clouded the woman’s judgement and her negative tests had given her a false sense of safety, but there was an element of “selfishness” in her offending as putting herself before the protection of the community “did not accord with tikanga”.

She was introduced by Te Kahika as “a lady who touched my heart greatly through this experience”.

“I tried to hold her hand during the process, this [is] a mother whose former partner had died, who came to New Zealand, she was tested negative when she got here.”

She applied for a compassionate exemption but that was initially denied; the government said it had been working closely with the family, iwi, Māori wardens, police, and the funeral home on a second request but the woman and her four children absconded a few hours before the decision was due.

Te Kahika told the protest because she was “under threat, is trying to get back to Australia, she’s just going to wave and come out, she’s a brave and courageous lady, she was jailed for 14 days but she was let go in seven as I pounded this government on my Facebook page.”

“If they can imprison a mother of four young children, they can imprison any old one of you, if we say no to the Covid-19 public health bill – they’re tyrants, whānau,” said Te Kahika, as he addressed the crowd.

“We are a logical people.”

Minister of Health Chris Hipkins recently issued a strong warning that “fake news, misinformation and conspiracy theories are threatening to derail” the country’s COVID-19 response and impede progress to alert level 1.

He said looking overseas, it was plain to see the coronavirus was “very, very real” and “very, very deadly”, with no vaccine – and while he wanted a co-operative approach, did not rule out punitive measures for people who continue to deliberately spread lies.

Minister of Health Chris Hipkins: Responsible for the outlawing the use of hydroxychloroquine in New Zealand for treatment of COVID 19 currently WHY?

[pharmac.govt.nz] Restricting access: Effective from Tuesday, 24 March 2020, PHARMAC restricted funded access to this medicine to make sure it is available for patients who need it for its registered indications. We have restricted the funded supply to the following indications only (i.e. Medsafe approved indications): active rheumatoid arthritis; systemic and discoid lupus; erythematosus; malaria treatment; malaria suppression.

Minister of Health Chris Hipkins why in September 2020 has the NZ GOV still got this restriction on HCQ could it be the MoH in NZ are operating from a base of misinformation and propagating this misinformation to it citizens unknowingly WHY?


Which was known when President Trump announced mid May , 2020 at a press conference he was using the Triple Treatment Therapy or as is commonly known in the USA as the “Zelenko Protocol” of HCQ + Zinc + Azithromycin he was using it as a prophylactic under the surgeon generals supervision; these facts have not changed this companion medication treatment regime works. Especially well in the early stage of infection ie first five days; reducing massively hospitalisation and mortality numbers, most being to recover from the virus within approx 48 hours of treatment being commenced

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CRITIQUE: RNZ of all the lead in lines the best you could come up with is “The woman jailed for breaking out of a managed isolation facility appeared at a protest rally against the government’s use of lockdowns and other Covid-19 restrictions.” Really what was your motive for this lead in? “YOUR BEST POISON PILL?

Advance NZ

Billy Te Kahika


New Zealand


Sat. 17 Oct, 2020 (10:00 pm – 11:00 pm)

Event – Booked


Election 2020: Electoral Commission drops investigation into NZ Public Party

Te Kahika, who is now also co-leader of Advance NZ, said his party had “been cleared”.

“We proudly stand for transparency and accountability.

“I appreciate the Electoral Commission acting swiftly to clear our party of any wrongdoing.

“Sadly a few individuals, who we once trusted, have decided to launch a smear campaign in an attempt to derail the momentum that we have.

“This week we met their smear tactics by publishing our financial records openly and publicly.”

Te Kahika this week circulated pieces of financial information and a letter threatening an ex-party member with defamation after they allegedly claimed the party’s director was a “CIA agent”.

The documents included the amounts in donations the party received at events across the country – the largest amount was $18,000 from an event at Auckland’s Logan Campbell Centre.

Te Kahika said he released the documents in the “interests of openness and transparency”.

“We thank our loyal party members, and our fast-growing following on social media, for their faith in our party’s ethics and openness.

We reserve the right to seek damages against those making frivolous complaints to public entities as they try to further their smear campaign.

ANTAGONISTS: Tightly packed crowds of people descend on Auckland CBD for anti-lockdown protest tvnz.co.nz 2020 SEP 12

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