1. Hi – is there any possibility of getting links or PDFs of the studies around the world that Craig talks about. Many of the links are on the denial and trials that have been stopped. Would be good to have a list of all the successful trials so we have stats to fight back on when debating. I find it incredible that friends of mine have turned on me about this drug and the fact it shows promise, I said to them: “Surely if you feel so strongly about COVID-19 being a killer then a drug that shows potential would be one you would embrace and trial using the doses recommended by the doctors who have been using it in the field successfully yet trashed by governments and the media. I don’t get it do you?” None of them ever respond. I am horrified how deaf and blind these people are, swallowing the narrative and spewing it up ad nauseum like they are programmed to do it. Amazing really. Anyway let me know if you can do this. I find it hard to find anything on the internet but am using different browers.

    Let me know! Chers Sharon

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