2020 JUL 10 NZPP; Autistic Child in Quarantine Facility, Under Threat of being Held Longer than 14 Days

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Remarks: A NZ Family has returned from the Gold Coast (AU) to New Zealand and placed Quarantine Facility in Auckland they were are asked to take a the very invasive COVID-19 can which can be very Distressing. All the family took the test except the Autistic Child (14 year old) The child resisted the attempts of being tested so he wasn’t tested. subsequently the test results have come back of all members tested as clear from COVID-19; this family was meant to be released Saturday as there 14 day Quarantine is completed. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2020/07/10/new-zealand-public-party-was-live/

Today Friday they’ve been told they are not being release because the autistic child has not been tested, they were told they need an exemption, this is not proving to be a simple task as there appears a very clouded pathway to get the exemption, The Mother doesn’t know who to turn too the ministry of health cant do it. A Flight Lieutenant (Royal New Zealand Air-force) Officer (Flight Instructor) is managing this Quarantine Facility he too can not grant and exemption and has refereed it up to his chain of command. 


Reclaim NZ for all the people

New Zealand is one country & one people, we will not be divided, we will stop the lies in governing New Zealand, we have every right to claim our sovereignty and we do not give our consent to another lock down; we do not give our consent to mandatory vaccines, nor consent to online voting!

Hashtags: #4cminewswire, #COVID19, #AutisticChild, #4cminews, #4CMiTV, #4CM2020JUL10,

Tags: 4cminewswire, COVID-19, Autistic Child, 4cminews, 4CMiTV, #4CM2020JUL10,

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