2020 JUL 02 Billy Te Kahika False Claims; Freemasons & NZPP Controlled Opposition

GOOGLE A Serious Violators of the 1st Amendment
FACEBOOK A Serious Violators of the 1st Amendment
YOUTUBE A Serious Violators of the 1st Amendment
TWITTER A Serious Violators of the 1st Amendment

RemarksBilly Te Kahika (1948 hrs) 2020 JUL 02; Kia ora Everyone, wow here it is again.  ‘Gwen Millan’ posted this tonight. ‘She’ has no photo nor friends which says ‘troll account’. I see this after a massive night in Palmerston North tonight. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2020/07/02/2020-jul-02-billy-te-kahika-false-claims-freemasons-nzpp-controlled-opposition/


So – Here is a claim again that we are Freemasons and a new one – we are ‘controlled opposition’.

Billy Te Kahika My Response:

In 2008 Michael Stace fresh from the US approached Freemasons NZ Grand Lodge to re-do their website (it was horrible) as he had vast experience with web programming.

Instead, they offered him the Director of Communications and Marketing position as that job had recently been left vacant.

He was with them for three years, redeveloping their websites and marketing, and was also the editor/designer of their quarterly magazine.

He left the organisation after three years as he was then being paid large sums of money to essentially do NOTHING which he knew to be unethical.

Before working with Michael I did my own due diligence on him without him knowing it – and I was satisfied I could trust him.

I am now proud to call him a trusted friend.

Michael works night and day without pay and his wife has allowed him to dedicate himself to this fight to help New Zealand keep her freedoms.

We searched the ‘Gwen Millan’ accounts and there are no friends, photos nor start date for the page – which means troll or something similar – this is another discredit campaign.

I am so very very surprised how dirty this political game is and I am still getting to grips with it.

As always if anything comes up we expose it immediately – we / I have nothing to hide.

My life is dedicated to this cause, my team’s lives are dedicated to this movement and it is working which has ruffled some mighty mighty feathers – which led to my FB account being blocked today.

Please don’t think I think you’re silly or dumb by presenting this to you, it’s just to keep everything above board and to deal with this as a whanau.

Good night everyone..

Im tired, happy and homesick but so thankful we are doing this work together.

See you tomorrow in Wairoa.

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Published: 2020 JUL 02 
Author: Billy Te Kahika

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