2020 Media CLIPS


2020 MAR 20 Dr Zelenkos Monumental First Video to President Donald Trump

Absolutely 9-0 Presented by Lindell TV

2021 APR 14 Senior NHS Board Member Warns; Stop the Genocide or Our Children Are Next

2020 JUN 10 New York Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax

2020 AUG 18 Plandemic II – Indoctornation

2021 MAR 10 Juan O Savin Updates what is coming, real soon. Hold on tight, it is going to get wild

United Kingdom 2020/DEC/09-2021/FEB/21: Pfizer Experimental Gene Code Injection: 212 deaths and 85,179 injuries

United Kingdom 2020/DEC/09-2021/FEB/21: AstraZenec Experimental Gene Code Injection: 244 deaths and 157,637 injuries

United Kingdom 2020/DEC/09-2021/FEB/21: Unspecified Brand Experimental Gene Code Injection 4 deaths and 796 injuries

2021 FEB 28 Former President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2021

2020 MAY 22 Bill Gates Series Part 04 (Meet Bill Gates)

2020 MAY 15 Bill Gates Series Part 03 (Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid)

2020 MAY 01 Bill Gates Series Part 01 (How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health)

2020 JAN 05 Corbett Report; Who Is Bill Gates?

2020 MAY 08 Bill Gates Series Part 02 (Bill Gates, Plan to Vaccinate the World)

2020 AUG 13 Australian researchers tout new (wonder drug) as potential cure for coronavirus patients

2019 JUN 25 Dr Horton Defeating 5G a mass DEW Terraforming platform for AI Artificial Intelligence

2020 MAY 24 Evidence SARS-CoV-2 May Be a Lab-Created Virus

2020 MAY 24 Why PCR Testing Is a Bad Idea

2020 MAY 24 Might Wearing a Mask Worsen Your Odds of Illness

2020 MAY 24 Vaccine Gamma retroviruses Have Adapted and Are Aerosolized

2020 MAY 24 Mikovits Doesn’t Believe SARS-CoV-2 Is the Cause of COVID-19 (aka. 2020 MAY 24 Dr Mercola & Judy Mikovits Discussion Breakdown) 

2020 MAY 24 Joseph Mercola & Prof. Judy Mikovits Discusses SARS-CoV-2

2020 MAY 24 Judy Mikovits Suggests Retroviruses Play a Role in COVID-19 

NANCY PELOSI LETTER: If Facebook Fact Check It Then What Is Posted Is More Than Likely Over The Target and should not be discounted

2020 OCT 17 (A Documentary by Mouthy Buddha) Peeling back the Layers PEDOGATE – Part 2

2020 OCT 17 Peeling back the Layers PEDOGATE – Part 1 (A Documentary by Mouthy Buddha)

2020 DEC 09 Is this The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated on an Unsuspecting Public


2021 JAN 28 TGW; Hammer and Scorecard, How the Election Was Stolen Analysis

2020 NOV 03 The No-Go… Looks can be Deceiving, Test

2021 JAN 25 Lin Wood; I believe the Military is in Control, Joe Biden is a Fake President

Facebook Is Spying on Your Offline Activity on your Desktop

2020 DEC 15 Live; Brave Interviewer Goes off Reservation; Honest Physician Spills the COVID-Beans

The Greatest Crime Ever Committed Against the United States Volumes 1 – 3 by Dr. Peter Navarro

USA Election 2020 Fraud Report Volume I: The Immaculate Deception by Dr. Peter K. Navarro

USA Election 2020 Fraud Report Volume II: The Art Of The Steal by Dr. Peter K. Navarro

USA Election 2020 Fraud Report Volume III: Yes, President Trump Won by Dr. Peter K. Navarro

2021 JAN 17 Scott McKay; Military Ops DO NOT INTERFERE, Stand-down; let Soldiers Deliver the Pain

2021 DEC 22 The Eleventh Hour the Storm Is Eminent

2021 JAN 13 WVW TV BigTech Censorship, Capitol Breach Russian Op Identified; Lt. Gen. McInerney WWIII Has Begun and Election Cyberwar The Source Revealed

2021 JAN 06 US Elections were rigged by Defence Contractor, Leonardo SpA

2021 JAN 12 Who switched the Elections Results; Italian Job; Debbie Georgatos ACWT with Maria Zack

2021 JAN 11 DOTS; Unusual Movement near Vatican post Blackout Yesterday

2021 JAN 10 1807 Act Signed; Blackouts Italy Berlin Pakistan, $200m on Gitmo not for 45 prisoners

2021 JAN 07 Lin Wood Drops PDF copy Pence Plotting against Trump OCT 2016 with Ryan Read the Emails (PDF)



2021 JAN 06 President Trump Address to the Nation from Washington

2021 JAN 05 A more contagious COVID-19 strain; Wheres the proof

2021 JAN 05 Paranoia NO! its justified mistrust: Safety of Pfizer Vaccine! Give verifiable Proof of Life of Tiffany Pontes Dover

2021 JAN 03 George Bush Funeral Envelope Reactions – FIVE Black Spots Delivered

2020 Dec 30 Mac Isaac persecuted; financially wrecked! Why; Contacting FBI re-Hunters Laptop Criminal-Content

2020 DEC 31 Attorney General William Barr’s Personal Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

2020 DEC 14 Supreme Caught- Chief Justice Roberts & Scotus Are Compromised

2020 Dec 29 US. Military PREPPING for MARTIAL LAW and Trumps Election Integrity Options

2020 DEC 08 Ass Prof Pierre Kory; Senate Hearing Testimony; Early Outpatient Treatment – Ivermectin An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution


2020 DEC 26 Attorney Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Document on Massive 2020 Election Fraud Involving Foreign Interference

2020 DEC 27 Black Book; Flight Manifests and Outcomes from Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell arrests

2020 DEC 26 W H O. Manipulates Information; Now saying ‘Herd Immunity’ can only be achieved by an Injected Vaccine. Clearly this organisation is compromised

2020 DEC 25 The President and First Lady; 2020 Christmas Message’s

Executive Order 13848 of September 12, 2018 Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

2020 DEC 12 GOODNEWS USA has produced a Verifiably Safe and Effective & Free Vaccine for all Americans

2020 DEC 13 Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover

2020 DEC 13 With hopeless naivety, big business and universities have failed to understand that China is out to destroy our way of life

2020 DEC 12 Pres Trumps Christmas Message; Jesus The Christ The Son of God Saviour of The World

2020 DEC 12 Attorney: Michigan Vote Flip Happened Due to Computer Program, Not Human Error

2020 DEC 11 Pennsylvania joins Texas Lawsuit AGAINST MI, WI, PA, GA, that’s 22 States now part of Texas Lawsuit

2020 DEC 04 Did CNN just rollout: “THE VACCINE KILLS the ELDERLY Disclaimer”

2020 NOV 13 Canadian Doctor Blasts Corona Hysteria; (Greatest Hoax ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public)

2020 DEC 09 Pres Trump scores Touch Downs at Operation Warp Speed Summit; Q and A with Press

2020 DEC 05 President Trump Rally, Senate Runoff Election Valdosta, Georgia

2020 DEC 06 Inoculate yourself from Fakenews; 14.10 minutes of Facts: 22 Explosive Election Fraud Allegations (Epoch Times)

2020 DEC 05 What Ever Happened To The ‘50 Million Climate Refugees By 2010’ That The UN Preached About?

2020 DEC 03 Trumps Message to AG Barr, the election fraud is Criminal not Civil start Serious Investigations

2020 OCT 09 The Plot Against the President

2020 DEC 01 Trump Documentary Director: ‘We’re Still Living in the Coup’

2020DEC 03 Trump; My Greatest Duty is to Defend Voter Integrity, Honesty and Trust in our System of Government

2020 NOV 30 GA Rep. Colton Moore demands Special Session to revoke Gov. Kemp’s Emergency Powers

2020 NOV 30 Trump’s Michael Flynn Pardon Is Only The Beginning Of The Justice This Nation Deserves

2020 NOV 30 NOW HAPPENING IN ARIZONA: Arizona Lawmakers Call for Resolution to Hold Back Electoral College Votes

2020 NOV 28 BEFORE THE INK IS DRY, The Supreme Courts in Pennsylvania; reveals their opposite stream to the US. constitution

2020 NOV 25 Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results 

2020 NOV 26 The Kraken went down to Georgia; First 2020 Election Fraud Case By Sidney Powell Filed

2020 NOV 24 Meet Denver Dominion Executive Eric Coomer (Dominion Voting Machines) Unhinged Trump Hating Sociopath

2020 Nov 21 Georgia Election Fraud Case; Powell It will be BIBLICAL; placing cross hairs on Kemp and Raffensperger (Video/Transcript)


2020 NOV 20 TRUMP LEGAL; Giuliani and Powell lay out latest voter (cheating) and irregularities

2020 NOV 17 Greg Kelly w Sidney Powell ELECTION FRAUD; NV, AZ, MI, WI, GA and beyond that

2020 NOV 14 SIDNEY POWELL SAYS: We are on the precipice! this is essentially a NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION; Election 2020 Fraud

2020 NOV 15 Leigh Dundas; Trumps 2018 SEP12 Exe Order as it relates to 2020 Election Fraud (The Bad Guys are SCREWED)

2020 NOV 15 Sidney Powell w (America this Week) Eric Bolling re Weaponized / Compromised Dominion Voting Machines

2020 NOV 15 Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken on Sunday Morning Futures, Sidney Has Proof of Fraud

2020 NOV 11 L. Lin Wood D J Trump will be 46th President and Joe Biden and those like him are going to jail

2020 NOV 13 Rep. Gohmert reports; SCYTL in Germany was raided by a large US ARMY force and their servers were seized in Frankfurt (THE KRAKEN)

2020 NOV 14 Lou Dobbs w Sidney Powell; I’m going to release the Kraken and Expose Everyone Involved

2020 NOV 13 Cyber Election Fraud Lt Gen Thomas McInerney Hammer and Scorecard

2020 NOV 13 COVID-19 PCR tests are not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as they cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones

2020 NOV 06 Lou Dobbs w Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton COUP 5.0 and LT. GEN Thomas Mc Inerney Hammer and Scorecard

2020 NOV 08 Attorney Leigh Dundas Late Breaking News (FACT) Biden is far from the 46th

2020 AUG 20 The World Economic Forum and their plan to Reset the World

2020 Oct 29 The Truth About the Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

2020 NOV 02-09 Time Mag THE GREAT RESET; Reddit Co Founder Alexis Ohanian Speaks with Meghan

2020 JUL 15 VCY America CROSSTALK, Great Reset to Usher in New World Order with Alex Newman 

2020 JUL 20 UN Backed Great Reset to Usher in New World Order; Behind the Deep State 

2020 NOV 01 BBB (Build Back Better); This Is Sinister Radical Climate Cult Climate Agenda The Great Reset

2020 OCT 30 The Great Reset; Globalists using COVID19 to Destroy the (Old World Order) COVID19 is not A Global Killer

2020 Jul 30 How Globalists Plan to Use Covid to RESET the World Economy

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Vice Chairman of Medicine, Baylor University MC, Dallas TX. EARLY TREATMENT IS THE KEY to avoid hospitalization and death

2020 OCT 30 President Trump, Rochester, Minnesota; Rally

2020 OCT 30 President Trump, Green Bay, Wisconsin; Rally

2020 OCT 30 President Trump, Waterford Township, Michigan; Rally

2020 OCT 27 Victor Hanson, Hoover Institution; Calls Out Fascist New Zealand Government COVID-19 (Quarantine) Camps and The Great Reset (recalibrate)

2020 OCT 29 President Trump, Tampa, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 11 World Health Organisation has (reversed its position on lockdowns) according to Dr. David Nabarro, a Special Envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organization

2020 OCT 28 President Trump, Bullhead City, Arizona; Rally

2020 OCT 28 President Trump, Goodyear, Arizona; Rally

2020 OCT 27 SIEG HEIL MEIN FUHRER ARDERN Involuntary incarceration ARRESTED; NZ has set up (Quarantine Camps)

2020 OCT 28 CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted 28k Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths

2020 OCT 27 President Trump, Omaha, Nebraska; Rally

2020 OCT 26 A Constitutional Victory; NO thanks to Democrat Senators; Amy Coney Barrett is Sworn into the Office on the Bench of SCOTUS

2020 OCT 24 President Trump, Lumberton, North Carolina; Rally

2020 OCT 23 President Trump, The Villages, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 23 President Trump, Pensacola, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 23 President Trump, Pensacola, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 22 Trump Interview Unedited (CBS 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl) clearly doesn’t want to listen to the facts.

2020 OCT 22 Tony Bobulinski Statement; Joe Biden is Lying about China Business Deals Joe is (The Big Guy) & (My Chairman)

2020 OCT 22 President Trump, Nashville, Tennessee; Third Presidential Debate

2020 OCT 21 President Trump, Gastonia, North Carolina; Rally

2020 OCT 20 President Trump, Erie, Pennsylvania; Rally

2020 OCT 19 President Trump, Tucson, Arizona; Rally

2020 OCT 18 President Trump, Carson City, Nevada; Rally

2020 OCT 17 President Trump, Muskegon, Michigan; Rally

2020 OCT 16 Chicom Dissident Predicts Hunter Biden Laptop Leak in Sept. Video

2020 OCT 16 President Trump, Ocala, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 16 The Stand for Democracy; Billy Te Kahika New Zealand’s Election Day 17 October 2020

2020 OCT 15 Senate Judiciary Committee to Subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Blocked Hunter Biden Posts

2020 OCT 15 Twitter and Facebook’s Assault on Freedom of the Press

2020 OCT 16 NYP publishes Biden Inc ties with China exposed; Senate to subpoena Twitter CEO, for election interference

2020 OCT 15 President Trump, Greenville North Carolina; Rally

2020 OCT 15 President Trump, Miami, Florida; Second Presidential Debate; Cancellation October 9

2020 OCT 14 President Trump, Des Moines, Iowa;  Rally

2020 OCT 14 Advance NZ; Facebook, Weaponised Community Standards & Political Interference

2020 OCT 13 Confronting Stuff & Allegations, Billy Te Kahika, Vinny Eastwood Show

2020 SEP 13 Former Australian Senator Claims (Great Reset) is Real Agenda Behind COVID Panic

2020 AUG 04 Dangerous Marxist Leaders call for (The Great Reset) to Destroy Capitalism

2020 OCT 10 The (Great Reset) World Leaders to Harness COVID and Pursue (Sinister) Climate Agenda

2020 OCT 12 President Trump, Sanford, Florida; Rally

2020 OCT 07 Pres. Trump reveals therapeutic used to beat COVID (Regeneron)

2020 OCT 11 The Greatest Medical Scandal This Century (The Recovery Trial)

2020 OCT 11 Why is AU Treasurer wanting (Everyone Scared) of COVID19, it (Does Discriminates) +60

2020 OCT 06 Pres Trumps WH. Dr’s Update Public & Trump Returns to WH, Addresses Nation

2020 OCT 05 Hydroxychloroquine is effective, and consistently so used early, for Covid-19; A systematic review

2020 OCT 05 Trump pays Surprise drive by visit to Supporters outside Walter Reed Army hospital

2020 OCT 05 White House Physician holds press briefing on Trumps Condition

2020 OCT 03 Columnist Miranda Devine RARE QUALITY, HONESTY; Pres. Trump, COVID 19 & SCOTUS Confirmation

2020 OCT 04 Enough MSM sewer; The Pres Trumps Health! see for yourself Trump at Walter Reed Hospital

2020 OCT 01 Aotearoa’s Last Stand; CHOOSE WELL 17 OCT Slaves or FREE & SOVEREIGN  

2020 SEP 30 HCQ use reduces the incidence of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death

2020 SEP 28 Lower Level of Zinc in Blood May Increase Risk of Covid-19 Death: Study

2020 OCT 01 WAKEUP CALL: For The Naive The Real Reason for the HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) War Has Been Happening $$$$$$$$

2020 SEP 29 Early Hydroxychloroquine but not Chloroquine use reduces ICU admission in COVID-19 patients

2020 SEP 29 OAN Tipping Point Kara McKinney talks Fauci with Andrea Kaye Fauci Must Go

2020 SEP 29 President Trump, Cleveland, Ohio; First Presidential Debate

2020 SEP 22 New Peer-Reviewed Study Recommends Hydroxychloroquine To Treat Covid

2020 SEP 29 MediaWorks NZ network’s decision to exclude the party from a minor party leaders’ debate.

2020 SEP 28 Reserve Power; Prof David Flint AM Vic. Governor should wield her Constitutional Powers

2020 SEP 27 Taking the Shot Reserve Power Target is Acquired; COVID 19 bureaucrat & Government Ministers

2020 AUG 08 Hydroxychloroquine: The Narrative That it Doesn’t Work is the Biggest Hoax in Recent Human History

2020 SEP 27 AU NATIONAL MEDICAL SCANDAL; Criminal Ban on HCQ based on Faulty Study

2020 JUN 20 The Recovery Trial; The Greatest Medical Scandal In History

2020 SEP 26 President Trump, Middletown, Pennsylvania; Rally

2020 JUL 15 A nanomaterial path forward for COVID-19 vaccine development

2020 JAN 24 Scientists Propose ‘Tattoos’ To Solve Vaccination Issues

2020 SEP 25 President Trump, Newport News, Virginia; Rally

2020 SEP 25 President Trump, Atlanta, Georgia; Rally

2020 AUG 05 Gene-editing, Moderna, and transhumanism

2020 JUL 30 AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus-vaccine liability claims in most countries

2020 MAY 20 INOVIO’s COVID-19 DNA Vaccine INO-4800 Demonstrates Robust Neutralizing Antibody and T Cell Immune Responses in Preclinical Models

2020 JUL 27 Moderna’s mRNA vaccine reaches its final phase. Here’s how it works

2020 APR 10 Bill Gates reveals the COVID 19 Vaccine will be using RNA-RNAi technology (DNA)

2020 JUL 17 Mandatory Vaccines is already law  Kelly Leo Gneiting

2020 SEP 24 President Trump, Jacksonville, Florida; Rally

2020 AUG 17 Human 2.0 A Wake-Up Call To The World

2020 SEP 23 Trump to SMS Platforms; we are Coming for you; AG says Cease and Desist Online Censorship

2020 SEP 23 Were doctors free to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine, (we wouldn’t need the lockdowns)

2020 FEB 13 Epstein’s Flight Logs is Causing Panic Among Rich and Famous & Incarceration for Life

2020 SEP 22 President Trump Addresses the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

2020 SEP 22 President Trump, Moon Township, Pennsylvania; Rally

2020 SEP 22 President Trump, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Rally

2020 SEP 21 President Trump, Vandalia, Ohio; Rally

2020 SEP 21 President Trump, Dayton, Ohio; Rally

2020 SEP 21 President Trump, Swanton, Ohio; Rally

2020 SEP 17 Kenny; Sledgehammer Dan; COVID Extreme Measure, for No Logical Reasons

2020 SEP 20 National Hydroxychloroquine Scandal Morrison, Kelly; 1984 on Steroids Chairman Dan

2020 SEP 20 Donald Trumps (Genuine Diplomatic Triumph) is not over yet (John Kerry & Media Wrong Wrong Wrong)

2020 SEP 19 HCQ; Finally Media Crab Walks away from their previous anti-HCQ position

2020 SEP 17 Australia’s (border rubbish) is (unconstitutional and intellectually offensive)

2020 SEP 19 President Trump, Fayetteville, North Carolina; Rally

2020 SEP 17 Kenny; No wonder Australia is in strife when politicians listen to (alarmist clowns)

2020 SEP 18 President Trump, Bedmidji, Minnesota; Rally

2020 May 14 Fox Ingraham Angle; Does HCQ Work in COVID Patients Listen to Dr. Ivette Lozano from Texas

2020 MAY 19 Exposing the CDC; Once a Bastions of Truth; now has become the Halls of Politics and Lies

2020 SEP 17 Lockdown, Fail. -12.2% GDP NZ, Worst on Record & still the Virus, Wakeup Australia

2020 SEP 16 HK Lead Forensic Virologist says COVID19 Lab Made and deliberately Spread

2020 SEP 17 Lies are being told everywhere; Lockdowns, Curfews, Travel Bans, HCQ, & a Scott Morrison, Mr Silent

2020 SEP 17 President Trump, Mosinee, Wisconsin; Rally

2020 SEP 15 Alan Jones, Craig Kelly MP HCQ reduces deaths 73% within 24 hours here comes The Antagonists

2020 JUL 18 Officers Message to Cops Trampling Americans Rights; (Following Orders is Dog that Don’t Hunt)

2020 SEP 14 Effect of Combination Therapy of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin on Mortality in COVID‐19 Patients (73% reduction in death)

2020 SEP 14 Dr Li-Meng Virologist Joins Twitter, Publishes; Smoking Gun, Evidence COVID19 Created In Lab

2020 SEP 15 Alan Jones; ‘The War on HCQ’ Prime Minister you must stop this Immediately its Killing Australians

2020 APR 06 Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc (Patients with COVID-19 symptom-free within 8 to 12 hours)

2020 SEP 03 NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 1 of 3)

2020 SEP 03 NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 2 of 3)

2020 SEP 03 NY TIMES: Up to 90% Who’ve Tested COVID-Positive Wrongly Diagnosed! TRUTH: A Whole Lot Worse! (Pt 3 of 3)

2020 SEP 13 GRAPHIC; WARNING. HEAD STOMP; Nothing Right About this, Vic Police. Nothing. End of Discussion.

2020 SEP 13 VIC Markets the Level of Insanity of the Police just gets Worse by the Day. TWEETS

2020 SEP 13 VIC Markets the Level of Insanity of the Police just gets Worse by the Day. FACEBOOK

2020 AUG 24 Study of 15 544 Cases from 109 Belgian Hospitals; HCQ mono therapy was independently associated with a significant decrease in mortality compared  not treated with HCQ

2020 SEP 12 MSM, Labels Advance NZ a Minor Party, Fringe Group, & Conspiracist WRONG AGAIN

2020 SEP 12 Natalie Bonett; Wallan; Victorian Police Gone Rogue, Morrison Send in the Troops Liberate VIC

2020 SEP 12 KIWIS National Rally for Freedom Billy Te Kahika CLOSING THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY

2020 SEP 09 Study Finds Incredible Lower Death Rate For COVID Patients Treated With Hydroxychloroquine

2020 SEP 10 Turkey Begins Distributing Hydroxychloroquine To Homes In Capital City Amid Bed Shortage

2020 SEP 11 Major Error in COVID modelling that informed Australian Gov COVID Lockdown (Why are we not surprised?)

2020 SEP 10 Jones, Morrison you’re Bureaucrats are killing people by ignoring science, HCQ Works

2020 SEP 10 President Trump, Freeland, Michigan; Mini Rally

2020 SEP 09 JONES; Morrison Time to Tell Australia the Truth ‘RIGHT’ & Elephants Roost In Trees

2020 SEP 09 Bolt Report & Rowan Dean; Jury is in; HCQ Study Review (HCQ Works, Saves Lives)

2020 SEP 08 Alan Jones; Bureaucratic COVID Madness; AU, It Is Time To Take Our Country Back

2020 SEP 08 President Trump, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Mini Rally

2020 SEP 06 Update On Pregnant Woman Arrested For (Freedom Day) Facebook Post

2020 SEP 07 Trump Derangement Syndrome More Deadly Than COVID

2020 JUL 14 Pandemic 2 Did Bill Gates; Just Threaten the World

2020 SEP 07 Bolt; Premier Andrews is Out of Control and is a ‘Menace’ to his State and Country

2020 SEP 06 CAVE Special Report; Victoria Lockdown, MP Craig Kelly

2020 SEP 01 This Is Not Australia; Maniacs have taken power New Form of Terrorism ‘The Great Silencing’

2020 SEP 06 Studies show HCQ cuts (Virus Mortality in Half in High Risk Groups)

2020 SEP 04 Bolt; New Form of Terrorism ‘THE GREAT SILENCING’ Wake Up & Get a Spine, Use It, or Loose It (FREEDOM)

2020 SEP 01 Australia’s National Day of Shame; After Pregnant 28 yr old Woman is Arrested for COVID-19 Protest Facebook Post

2020 SEP 04 Rambo Policing Style Victorian Polices have a favourite dictatorial word ‘Incitement’ victim, James Bartolo

2020 SEP 03 President Trump, Latrobe, Pennsylvania; Rally

2020 AUG 30 NZ; Forced Quarantine Jacinda Ardern (‘The Dictator’ Dominatrix)

2020 AUG 30 Interview with (Yale Prof) Harvey Risch; Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and COVID-19

2020 AUG 25 Scholz, Derwand, Zelenko COVID-19 HCQ Study, Explained In Plain Terms All Can Understand

2020 AUG 30 (Ontario Drs President Dr Kulvinder Kaur Gill; Clinical trials show HCQ is ‘safe’ with no reported toxicity

2020 AUG 20 26 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccines in Australia (Yes Here How They Intend to Do It)

2020 JUN 08 Dr Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead COVID-19 W.H.O. Asymptomatic Transmission Appears Very Rare

2020 MAR 28 Giuliani with Dr Zelenko; Companion Med’s Regime; HCQ, Zinc, Azithromycin,) 699 Patients

2020 JUL 02 Giuliani with Dr. Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol) Companion Medications HCQ+Zinc+Azithromycin

2020 AUG 28 Bureaucrats fear Companion Medications Regime HCQ+Zinc+Azithromycin (Zelenko Protocol). WHY

2020 AUG 28 President Trump, Manchester, New Hampshire; Mini Rally

2020 AUG 27 President Trump, DC, Washington; Rally

2020 AUG 07 Whitepaper The Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine 2020 by Dr. Simone Gold

2020 AUG 24 Allan Jones; Au suffering Health Bureaucrats Dictatorships its time for Parental Rights

2020 AUG 24 Alan Jones; Politicians have ‘Done More Damage’ than the Virus 

2020 AUG 25 Au MP Craig Kelly Parliamentary Speech on COVID-19 HCQ (Triple Treatment Therapy)

2020 AUG 25 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccines in Australia (Yes Here How They Intend To Do It)

2020 AUG COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccines in Australia (Yes if they could get away with it)

2020 AUG 23 The Joke of the Century; QAnon a Domestic Terrorism Threat

2020 AUG 22 Katie Hopkins on Melbourne Lockdown (Who or What is the Enemy Really)

2020 AUG 22 Trump; FDA, Running Interference on COVID-19 Virus Research (Political Motives)

2020 AUG 23 The Fine Print Australia; AstraZeneca (exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims) & Vaccine won’t be the end of COVID-19

2020 AUG 21 Social Media, Big Tech; Strangling Virus Cures; Why

2020 AUG 10 Why Sweden, pilloried by the whole world for refusing to lock down, now having last laugh

2020 AUG 21 Royal Melbourne Hospital COVID SHIELD HCQ trial

2020 AUG 20 COVID-19 Vaccine; Pauline Hanson Denounces (No COVID Jab) = No Travel, No Gov Benefits

2020 AUG 19 Morrison’s Mandatory Vaccine; Floats Like a Brick & will sink his 2022 Election Boat

2020 AUG 19 Trump; Sanction Snapback, Op Legend, COVID Update, Qanon OK, Jimmy Lai, Obama

2020 AUG 18 President Trump, Old Forge, Pennsylvania; Mini Rally

2020 AUG 18 President Trump, Yuma, Arizona; Mini Rally

2020 AUG 17 President Trump, Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Rally

2020 AUG 16 KIWIS are in trouble; Forced Detention, Family Separations, for testing Covid positive

2020 AUG 13 Politicians; Wont Tell the Truth, spineless on COVID-19

2020 AUG 16 History to ‘vindicate Swedish COVID 19 strategy’ & by the way HCQ Works

2020 AUG 06 Gohmert’s Health Update COVID-19 Triple Treatment Therapy

2020 AUG 01 Dr Simone Gold Discusses Benefits of HCQ after YouTube Censors Briefing

2020 AUG 08 A Case for HCQ; Doctors Harvey Risch, Vladimir Zelenko, Li Meng Yan

2020 APR 07 Bolt Report; Evidence Mounts COVID-19 came from a Lab in Wuhan

2020 AUG 12 Senator Gohmert; COVID 19 Some Wanted Me to ‘Just Die’; HCQ Saved Me

2020 AUG 10 CBNNEWS Explores; Why the Smear Campaign Against (Hydroxychloroquine) used in a Triple Treatment Regime

2020 AUG 11 New Zealand PM Ardern, Dr Bloomfield; Covid-19 Auckland Super City Level 3 Rest of NZ Level 2

2020 AUG 10 Will There Be The Covid Lockdown Election; Billy Te Kahika, On Vinny Eastwood Show

2020 JUL 27 1st SCOTUS America’s Frontline Doctors; COVID-19 Treatments Dr’s Gold, Hamilton, Immanuel, Erickson

2020 AUG 11 Trump News Brief; COVID 19 Relief, Secret Service Pull Trump from Briefing, China Virus & Q and A

2020 AUG 10 COVID-19 Treatments (Ignored by Australian Gov.) Ivermectin, Doxy-Cycline, and Zinc

2020 AUG 06 Has the Australian Gov Dropped the Ball; AT-HOME COVID-19 Test Yields Results In Under Ten Minutes

2020 AUG 10 Bolt; Morrison Attacks Me (For Hideous Views.) Which Of Us Let People Die; ScoMo blind to HCQ

2020 AUG 08 Top Epidemiologists – Masks Don’t Work! CDC in Two Minds

2020 AUG 08 PM Morrison GET OFF THE FENCE; Dr & Patients MUST BE free to take HCQ

2020 AUG 08 Do Nothing DEMS vs. Trump Bedminster; Four China Virus Relief EO’s

2020 AUG 08 NZ Gov is up to Nefarious Actions & Ramping COVID-19 to Lockdowns

2020 AUG 06 Do Nothing DEMS vs. Made in USA, Trump; Whirlpool Manufacturing

2020 AUG 06 Virus Update: The FDA & 700 doctors at HCQ War with FDA Over

2020 JUL 20 There is Information On Face Masks, Desperate Politicians Prefer Not To Tell

2020 JUL 30 KPRC 2; Houston Doctor in Viral Video Claiming there’s a Cure for COVID-19

2020 AUG 05 COVID, HCQ, Fauci & Gates Vaccine Tracers and Markers

2020 AUG 03 The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists. We Need to Start Using It

2020 AUG 04 Beirut Rocked by Massive Explosion and Widespread Damage

2020 AUG 04 Sensible talk by Andrew Bolt, COVID-19 Au; Time to Face the Very Long Haul

2020 AUG 03 2nd Wave; illusion, Melbourne imprisons it’s own people and the Police Salivate

2020 JUL 31 Glen Beck; Dr. Simone Gold A Qualified Opinion; addresses the Anti-HCQ Motives

2020 AUG 01 Trump; Meets with the NAPO Leadership Law and Justice

2020 JUL 31 Glenn Beck; ER Dr. Simone Gold Speaks Out Against HCQ Social Media Silencing

2020 JUL 31 Trump; Relief Package, DEMS Don’t Care About You, Universal Mail Ballot & China

2020 AUG 02 COVID 19 Disaster declared Melbourne & VIC Curfew & Travel Restrictions

2020 JUL 27 Step Two of President Trumps Executive Order on Social Media Content

2020 JUL 28 #HCQ is Clearly an Effective Treatment For COVID (DS Censorship goes Mental)

2020 JUL 29 Pres. Trump; Kodak Pharmaceutical Will Now Produce Generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

2020 JUL 26 Billy Te Kahika; Reflects on the NZPP Launch at Logan Campbell Center

2020 JUL 26 Live From Logan Campbell Center NZPP Advance NZ Launch

2020 JUL 24 Pentagon Found (Vehicles Not Made On This Earth) Rubio Hopes It’s Alien, Not Chinese

2020 JUL 24 John Mappin Camelot TV speaks with Billy Te Kahika

2020 JUL 24 Pompeo China and Future of the Free World (Distrust CCP & Verify)

2020 JUL 24 Trump, COVID-19 Opening School & GOP Jacksonville Cancelled

2020 JUL 23 Pres. Trump (Operation Legend) Combating Violent Crime in US. Cities

2020 JUL 22 NZPP (Merger Signed Off); next Take Back NZ September 19

2020 JUL 22 Trump; updates USA, (The China Virus) Plague Management

2020 JUL 21 NZPP, we see No Reason for NZ to be talking Lockdowns

2020 JUL 20 NZPP, There is reason to be alarmed; NZ Military Checkpoints, Nose Swab

2020 JUL 20 NZPP Auckland Venue Now Booked Logan Campbell Centre (26 JUL)

2020 JUL 19 NZPP, A Deal has been SIGNED. see you in Auckland Whānau

2020 JUL 17 Factions in USA are Hell Bent on No COVID CURE Allowed

2020 JUL 14 Hong Kong Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan says; China ‘Covered Up’ COVID-19 Data

2020 JUL 12 Dr. Bartlett says no need to fear COVID19 ‘Silver Bullet’ Budesonide Empties Hospital ICU

2020 JUL 16 Dr’s Bartlett & Abraham we have the therapies. (Detection & Treatment) that works

2020 JUL 02 Dr Bartlett Budesonide Therapy Early Detect-Treatment Works Not Wait for the Firestorm

2020 JUL 16 Trump Law Enforcement Briefing Task Force Vulcan High Level MS 13 Arrests

2020 JUL 14 Roger Stone First Interview & Grateful to God Following Commutation from Pres. Trump

2020 JUL 06 US. Sen. Scott Jensen & Doctor Under Fire For Exposing COVID 19 Anomalies in USA

2020 JUL 09 Trump; Fauci Has Been Wrong On Several Key Issues; US in a (Good Place)

2020 JUL 08 Trump Signs a Joint Declaration with the López Obrador of the United Mexican States

2020 JUL 08 Billy Te Kahika Update; A Registered Party has Merged & given Party Shell to NZPP

2020 JUN 30 Former Chinese Spy Trainer and NZ MP Faces Calls to be Sacked

2020 MAR 30 Immune System – Your Bodys Operating System (OS). Dr. Shiva

2020 JUL 04 Pres Trumps Speech 2020 Mt Rushmore Fireworks Celebrations

2020 JUL 05 Trump, Speech a Salute to America Fourth of July Event at White House South Lawn

2020 JUL 05 The Uncertain Promise Of A COVID Vaccine; What We’re Not Being Told

2020 JUL 06 What Face Masks Actually Do To Your Health (the other side of the coin)

2020 JUL 03 The TROJAN Horse  to usher a World System Without God

2020 JUL 04 The President & First Lady Kicks-off 1776 celebration at Mt Rushmore South Dakota

2020 JUL 01 Australia’s Defence in a deteriorating region requires Strong Deterrent Hyper Sonic LR Missiles

2020 JUL 01 Giuliani; NYT recklessly print Leaked Highly classified Disputed Intel Russian Bounty

2020 JUL 02 Billy Te Kahika FB live (0428) 12 year old Papatoetoe School Girl Pressured to Take Vaccines

2020 JUL 01 Australians Prime Minister Warns Prepare For Perilous Times

2020 JUN 28 Freedom Celebration Sunday Event VP Mike Pence Testimony

2020 JUN 30 Australia’s; Defensive Capability to be Strengthened by Missile Defence Technology

2020 JUN 30 Hotel Quarantine Breaches to Blame for Melbourne outbreaks, 10 VIC Suburbs in Lock Down

2020 JUN 25 Ode of McGlade; The Right To Hate

2020 JUN 30 Billy Te Kahika on The Vinny Eastwood Show; What the Actual Heck is Going On, Confused

2020 JUN 17 Billy Te Kahika was live; What the Ardern Governments Doing Right Now

2020 JUN 29 Bryan Vickery on Hokonui Taranaki interviews NZPP Billy Te Kahika

2020 APR 06 ABC7 Hydroxychloroquine Plus Zinc (COVID-19 Patients symptom-free within 8 to 12 hours)

2020 JUN 17 Billy Te Kahika; New Zealand Public Party NZPP Wellington Presentation

2020 JUN 26 Media is Hiding; Strzoks’ Notes which places Obama & Biden Heading the Coup

2020 JUN 25 Flynn’s Attorney takes a swipe at FBI; There’s a Criminal Conspiracy in there

2020 JUN 25 Campaign to Discredit & Credible Threats re safety of NZPP Leader & Campaign Leadership

2020 JUN 21 Fake News Media Want to Manipulate Us into Believing their Lies

2020 JUN 22 Billy Te Kahika; NZPP ‘COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020’ (Section 20 ‘Powers of entry’)

2020 JUN 20 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Tulsa, OK, the Nation is ignited

2020 JUN 20 The Economic Cold War with USA & China where will this take Australia

2020 JUN 11 Te Kahika; NZPP, COVID-19, Agenda 21, 2030 & 5G, Vaccines, Political Abuse & Tyranny

2020 JUN 16 Burke County Sheriff; Alfonzo Williams, (Rayshard Brooks) Shooting was Completely Justifiable

2020 JUN 17 Take back your Country KIWI; Billy Te Kahika (New Zealand Public Party)

2020 MAY 04 The Plandemic

2020 MAY 18 Dr. Mikovits; Responds To Criticism Surrounding the Viral (The Plandemic) Documentary

2020 JUN 16 Coronavirus; Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug

2020 MAY 21 Cellular & Molecular Biologist, Judy Mikovits, on Coronavirus Misconceptions (OANN)

2020 MAY 07 Dr. Mikovits; Is COVID19 (a Plandemic) Exposing The Truth Behind COVID Strategy

2020 JUN 15 Hanson; I have had a gutful of liars; (BLM – A Con) Political Corruption & The Bradfield Scheme

2020 MAY 28 McEnany; Faith, Love of Country; I Believe God Put Me in This Place for a Purpose

2016 JUL 18 Sheriff David Clarke; BLM a Hateful Ideology Fuels Violent Anti Police Sentiment

2020 JUN 13 Beijing goes into ‘Wartime Emergency Mode’ after more COVID-19 Cases

2020 JUN 13 Australia Melbourne; General Practice Doctor tests positive to COVID-19

2020 MAY 29 Inside China’s COVID Cold War with the West (Special Report)

2020 JUN 09 More Evidence; Raises Further Questions of China’s Deadly COVID-19 Cover-Up

2020 JUN 09 What media won’t acknowledge; BLM a hateful ideology fuels violent anti police sentiment (Prager)

2020 JUN 10 The Retractions of 2 COVID19 Studies; Fraudulent Nature of Scientist has been Revealed

2020 JUN 07 Au Manufacturing SCREWED! by NSW Premier Berejiklian; $1 Billion PPE to foreign Companies

2020 JUN 03 VIC Labor MPs Forced to Take a Stand Against China

2020 JUN 05 The ‘Trade-Off’ for Cheap Chinese Products has Come at a ‘Huge Ethical Cost’

2020 JUN 02 Victoria Chooses a ‘Fist Full of Dollars’ Over Human Rights

2020 JUN 05 Three Simple Questions for the Black Community (B.L.M) (B.A.M.E)

2020 JUN 04 Pres. Trump Tells All; on Riots, Race Relations, Biden, China

2020 MAY 21 Vic Government ‘Clothed In Secrecy’ Over Beijing Links

2020 JUN 01 Rioting to Cease; Pres. Trump Mobilises Federal Law & Military; plus applies 7pm curfew

2020 MAY 31 No Doubt Victoria ‘did not consult DFAT’ before signing controversial China deal

2020 MAY 31 Pres. Trump Historic SpaceX Launch, Grave Tragedy George Floyd & Zero Tolerance to Rioting

2020 MAY 29 Premier Andrews ‘Rebuked by federal Labor’ for Vic-China Investment Deal

2020 MAY 28 VIC ALP (Given Green Light for China’s Belt and Road Deal by LP Graham Fletcher, DFAT)

2020 MAY 28 Pres. Trump Signs Social Media Executive Order

2020 MAY 28 Lack of transparency; over BRI Vic-China deal (shows Daniel Andrews is hiding something)

2020 MAY 28 Victoria (undermines) foreign policy but won’t call out China’s human rights abuses

2020 MAY 28 Commonwealth (should desperately) seek to (interfere) with Vic’s Belt and Road deal

2020 MAY 27 Victoria’s Belt and Road consultant has (strong ties to powerful Chinese communists)

2020 MAY 27 Belt and Roads has (damaged Victoria’s reputation)

2020 MAY 27 Kellyanne Conway Catches A Leaker & RIPS CNN & the Liberal Media at Presser

2020 MAY 24 Prof Petrovsky; Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans; COVID-19 ‘Cell Culture’

2020 MAY 26 COVID-19, 5G, Fanos Panayides speaks to Avi Yemini

2020 MAY 22 Kayleigh McEnany gives Deserved Slapped to the Whitehouse Press Core (Ask Obama & Team)

2020 MAY 22 COVID-19 Pres Trump Declares Houses Of Worship Are Essential Effectively Immediately

2020 MAY 20 Dr. Zelenko promises; Use of Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc ‘will End Coronavirus Plague’

2020 May 21 Pres. Trump; Listening Session with African-American Leaders with Press Q & A (Full Copy)

2020 MAY 19 Trump; Hydroxychloroquine, FDA & Media’s VA Study not VA or Clinically & Peer Reviewed

2020 MAY 19 President Trump Holds a Cabinet Meeting and Fields Q & A

2020 MAY 19 Pres.Trump; Roundtable with Restaurant Executives & Industry Leaders plus press Q & A

2020 MAY 14 Trump talks Coronavirus in the Whitehouse; Gen. Flynn, Obama admin & China with Maria Bartiromo

2020 MAY 19 Trump advises he’s taking Hydroxychloroquine as a Preventative Measure

2020 MAY 17 Pres. Trump Vaccine Development, Distribution to US Community and Beyond

2020 MAY 14 Chris Wallace; I want to know about Biden’s petition to unmask

2020 MAY 17 Trump; Unmasking Of Flynn Is Greatest Political Scam In History Of Our Country

2020 MAY 17 Trump talks Michael Flynn, Obama admin and China with Maria Bartiromo

2020 MAY 15 President Trump keeps the pressure on former Obama officials who ‘unmasked’ Michael Flynn

2020 MAY 17 Trump; We have a lot of information on Wuhan lab and it’s not good

2013 FEB 07 The 30,000 foot view of what’s coming…

2020 APR 27 Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to This, It’s Happening

2020 APR 25 CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With Covid-19 (Bombshell)

General Michael Flynn Publishes his Declaration of Innocence!

2020 APR 04 Non-Fiction; Bill Gates; ID2020 & Microchips for the planned Cashless Society

2020 APR 21 HOTMIC; Foxnews – John, USC, Fatality Rate 0.1; Dougie, Everybody Here Has Been Vaccinated Anyway! Hoax?

2020 APR 21 NNN Early Antibody Testing Indicates Far More COVID-19 Cases, Lower Mortality Rate

2020 APR 20 Dr.  Sood; LA County DPH nCoV19 Serology Study; EXPOSURE (significantly Higher) MORTALITY RATE (significantly Lower)

2020 APR 17 Why lockdowns are the wrong policy; Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke

2020 APR 20 Politicians ‘freaked’ about ‘plainly wrong’ coronavirus predictions

2020 APR 21 Australian Politicians (don’t have the guts to admit COVID-19 was exaggerated)

2020 APR 17 How Sweden is Responding to the Coronavirus; with Johan Norberg

2020 APR 17 Dr John Ioannidis COVID 19 Serology Study True Infection Rate Fatality in Ballpark of Seasonal Influenza

2020 APR 18 Australia When Did The Government Forget They Are There To Serve It’s People

2020 APR 19 Pres Trump Calls out those who tried to overthrow a duly elected President as Scumbags

2020 APR 19 Gary Franchi Next News Network; I just got Tested for COVID-19 Antibodies & MODELLING The simulations driving the world’s response to COVID-19

2020 APR 20 Can we beat COVID 19 without a vaccine, immunologist Professor Ian Frazer

2020 MAR 15 Origins COVID-19 & Vaccines; WARNING Ps Sandy Armstrong

2020 APR 19 Dr Ahmed, Treatments & Scale of New York’s coronavirus devastation ‘difficult’ for outsiders to understand

2020 FEB 24 Pelosi (Anti Social Distancing policy) encourages people to come to Chinatown in COVID-19 CRISIS

2020 APR 19 Please Explain Andrew Cuomo; NYC Nurse Speaks Out While Under Gag Order

2020 APR 16 Coronavirus; Is there any evidence for lab release theory

2020 APR 16 US, Canada Have Funded Chinese Lab Eyed As Likely Source Of Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 APR 16 US. Investigating Chinese Lab Over Coronavirus Origins

2020 APR 11 Google/Apple JV’S Dystopian COVID-19 Tracker Could Be Straight Out Of Orwell’s 1984

2020 APR 17 Privacy Experts Google and Apple’s Chinese Virus Tracing Technology Could Be Abused

2020 APR 10 Apple – Google Bluetooth-Based Contact-Tracing Platform To Combat Covid-19; End Privacy

2020 APR 12 Snowden/Jones; They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The People

2020 APR 15 Coronavirus Origins Chinese Laboratory (Foxnews)

2020 APR 15 Fanos Panayides the Hidden Truth; A passionate Rebuttal to Current Affair & Anti-vaxxers attack

2020 APR 14 Pres Trump’s Steps Outlines Restart Commerce; States to Administrate ‘w’ Fed Overwatch

2020 APR 13 Obama, Fauci, China, Wuhan Lab 4, $3.7m USD Grant results in COVID-19

2020 APR 14 Disproportionate impact; Al Sharpton talks coronavirus ethnic disparity with Dr. Fauci

2020 MAR 18 Dr. Shiva Solution for Fake Science Destroying You and the Economy

2020 APR 13 nCoV19 PM Morrison Let’s Unlock Our Water, Free our Farmers and Feed Australia

2020 APR 07 China’s CCP Act of Bio-War nCoV19; Our Strategy Recover, Reparations and-or Destruction of the CCP

2020 JAN 31 Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai Discusses the Spread of Coronavirus & Solutions for Combating It

2020 APR 09 Seven Judges; Unanimous; Acquitted; Cardinal Pell; It Was Just False Imprisonment

2020 APR 09 Martyn Iles; The Travesty of the Medical Boards Treatment of Dr Jereth Kok

2020 APR 10 N.Y. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, success treating COVID-19 patients reaches the White House

2020 APR 09 Dr. Shiva Exposes Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the W.H.O. Covid-19 Endgame

2020 MAR 01 Dr. SHIVA Ayyaduraion, Coronavirus; Time to Talk about Immune Health!

2020 APR 10 Victory in Wuhan is Not All It Seems; still in Lockdown & Beijing Not Open for Business

2020 APR 09 Dr. SHIVA SAVING the Critically ILL & Immune Health; nCoV19 Vit A, D, C & Hydroxychloroquine

2020 APR 09 Pres. Trump Defunding World Health Organization; the Hammer is Falling on (WHO China Centric)

2020 APR 04 CN Gov COVID19 Crap Never Ends it Needs to Stop; AU Gov Needs to evict CN Interests

2020 APR 06 Ruby Princess; Disembarkment Community Transmitted nCoV19 Victims Absolutely Livered

2020 APR 06 China Really Screwed Australia, What Is Our Government Going To Do About This???

2020 APR 05 Chinas Deadly Coronavirus Cover-up (Sky Special Report)

2020 APR 05 Hydroxychloroquine; The US Media is Demented with Trump Hatred

2020 APR 03 Family Lockdown Boogie

2020 APR 04 President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing also Q&A Time

2020 APR 04 NSW AU COVID19 Data reveals Young People at Risk; (ICU 23 VENTILATED 4 under 30)

2020 APR 04 ICU Dr Hepburn ‘Royal Gwent’ Wales [ICU FULL] nCoV19 Age 50 – 20 & NO Prev Melodies

2020 APR 04 US nCov19 ‘D-Day’ Expected In The Next Month; End Game DEATHS EXPECTED [0.1 – 2.0 million]

2020 APR 02 Chinese Researchers; Coronavirus Bats linked to Chinese gov’t LABS, NOT WET MARKETS

2020 APR 03 COVID19 Spreads whilst Carrier is Speaking not just Coughing is becoming Airborne

2020 APR 01 Virgin Airlines, wants a bail out, Hmmm SOD of DICK

2020 MAR 30 Doctor Shares the Biggest Lie About COVID-19 (UK Data)

2020 MAR 17 CCP Saving Face & BoP-EoP on the World Stage & Wuhan COVID-19

2020 MAR 30 MyPillow Mike Lindell speech causes MSM to suffer Major Brain-in-Fart

2020 MAR 31 CONFUSED COVID19 Cornstalks, Cockroaches, Welshies; NSW IS IN LOCKDOWN

2020 MAR 31 QLD Premiers’ Public Servants ‘Fat Cats’ Pay Rise W.T.F. Try 30% COVID19 ‘Pay Cut’

2020 MAR 31 Well Deserved Classic Trump Slap Down for Imbecile ‘Acosta’ of CNN. #OxygenThief 

2020 MAR 27 AU Police, Zero Tolerance to cavalier COVID19 attitudes before Alf Garnett Kicks-in

2020 MAR 28 A Tip for US. Hospital Management; pull your head out of your arse listen to the FRONT LINE

2020 MAR 26 Hydroxychloroquine WORKS yet Media Pundits tried to Discredit the Drug; WHY

2020 MAR 27 Dr Zelenko gives update on Hydroxychloroquine. OUTLINES DATA & Positive results

2020 MAR 26 China to Shut Borders to Foreigners Ok What’s Happening In China That They Want To Hide

2020 MAR 27 US. Coronavirus Task Force, Press Briefing

2020 MAR 27 New York ER Dr. Reports COVID-19 Take This Very Seriously; It Does Not Spare Anyone

2020 MAR 24 ER Dr. Gives A Rare Look Inside a Elmhurst Hospital, Queens a Center of COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 MAR 26 CPC Ordered Stripping Globally Essential Medical Supplies Jan-Feb Concealing COVID – 19 CRISIS

2020 MAR 26 DCMO Dr Paul; Updates The Latest Covid-19 Cases Across Australia

2020 MAR 25 PM Scott Morrison Establishes National COVID-19 Coordination Commission NC19CC

2020 MAR 25 COVID-19 The DC Med Officer Paul Kelly says Cases rise & now reached 2252

2020 MAR 25 PM Live In Canberra Update On The Coronavirus Outbreak & Gov Responses (full copy)

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 Scott Morrison; Extending the Restrictions, Announced of 22nd March (Plus Transcript)

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 LOCKDOWN; Scott Morrison Reveals Long List of Restricted Activities

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 AU this Is Not A Drill; Your Actions Flattening The Curve will SAVE or KILL A Massive Number Of Australians

2020 MAR 23 Closing Au Borders To China Will Hopefully Have A Huge Impact On Virus Death Rate

2020 MAR 23 Australian PM summons spirit of the Anzacs in fight against COVID-19

2020 MAR 23 Au Prime Minister orders total shutdown of all non-essential services from today

2020 MAR 19 Now 3 Int. Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days!

2020 MAR 22, AUSTRALIAN PM Morrison & Treasurer Unveil a Second Stimulus Package

2020 MAR 18 Fit-and-healthy gym-goer, 39 in ICU with Covid-19; Dont Take Any Chances

2020 Mar 20 Italy’s hardest-hit city wants you to see how COVID-19 is affecting its hospitals

2020 MAR 19 PM Scott Morrison outlined further measures to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in Au

2020 MAR 19 Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s press conference about COVID-19

2020 MAR 20 Trump Announces FDA approved Medication for TREATMENT of Coronavirus

2020 MAR 18 Department of Defense; USA Briefing on Combating Coronavirus

2020 MAR 19 Coronavirus Task Force Update Cases in 50 States

2020 MAR 12 My Corona; The Ballad of Dunny Roll

2020 MAR 18 PM Scott Morrison announces new measures to fight COVID 19 in Australia

2020 MAR 17 Australia Now You Know This Is Serious Stuff We Are Facing COVID 19

2020 MAR 15 Australia on the verge of a coronavirus cure

2020 MAR 15 COVID-19 BREAKING ALERT; Douglas M. Ducote Sr; The Truth “It’s Not Good”

2020 MAR 05 Australia is ‘paying the price’ for destroying agriculture & Big Brother is at the door

2020 MAR 10 Lionel Nation Stop Protecting Epstein! Indict Ghislaine Maxwell & (p) Andrew Now!

2020 FEB 23 Tommy Robinson in Russia; Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy

2020, JAN 20 Tommy Robinson in Denmark Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy

2020 MAR 06 Is this the UK Bedfordshire; Police Pro-Paedophile Political Policing Or Just Plain Negligence?

2020 FEB 05 Exercise Great Caution; Teaching & Music; Pastor explains False Teachings

2020 MAR 05 AG Barr Outlines DoJ Plans to Combating Child Exploitation

2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Woolworths, Sydney…

2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Coles, Melbourne…

2019 OCT 21 Attorney General William Barr on Religious Liberty

2020 MAR 02 Eight Year Girls Father; Arrested For Dealing With A Perverted Child Molester; UK Justice

2020 FEB 28 U.S. AG William Barr Insightful Speech at NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention

2020 FEB 15 Australian Christian Lobby; Martin Isles Weighs-in after Today Show Mocks Mother

2020 FEB 09 Aussie wife slammed by Today Show hosts for loving family gives Epic Response

2020 FEB 12 AU Senator Hanson (BILL READING); We Must Stop The Indoctrination Of Our Children

2020 FEB 06 President Trump Delivers Remarks (Post Impeachment TOTAL ACQUITTAL)

2020 FEB 06 President Trump Attends the 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

2020 FEB 05, President Trump State of the Union 2020

2020 JAN 25 Pres Trump; 45th attends the 47th Annual March for Life

2020 JAN 09 President Trump Addresses the Nation; Irans Attacks in Iraq