2020 Media CLIPS


2020 MAY 31 Pres. Trump Historic SpaceX Launch, Grave Tragedy George Floyd & Zero Tolerance to Rioting

2020 MAY 28 VIC ALP (Given Green Light for China’s Belt and Road Deal by LP Graham Fletcher, DFAT)

2020 MAY 28 Pres. Trump Signs Social Media Executive Order

2020 MAY 28 Lack of transparency; over BRI Vic-China deal (shows Daniel Andrews is hiding something)

2020 MAY 28 Victoria (undermines) foreign policy but won’t call out China’s human rights abuses

2020 MAY 28 Commonwealth (should desperately) seek to (interfere) with Vic’s Belt and Road deal

2020 MAY 27 Victoria’s Belt and Road consultant has (strong ties to powerful Chinese communists)

2020 MAY 27 Belt and Roads has (damaged Victoria’s reputation)

2020 MAY 27 Kellyanne Conway Catches A Leaker & RIPS CNN & the Liberal Media at Presser

2020 MAY 24 Prof Petrovsky; Like It Was Designed To Infect Humans; COVID-19 ‘Cell Culture’

2020 MAY 26 COVID-19, 5G, Fanos Panayides speaks to Avi Yemini

2020 MAY 22 Kayleigh McEnany gives Deserved Slapped to the Whitehouse Press Core (Ask Obama & Team)

2020 MAY 22 COVID-19 Pres Trump Declares Houses Of Worship Are Essential Effectively Immediately

2020 MAY 20 Dr. Zelenko promises; Use of Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc ‘will End Coronavirus Plague’

2020 May 21 Pres. Trump; Listening Session with African-American Leaders with Press Q & A (Full Copy)

2020 MAY 19 Trump; Hydroxychloroquine, FDA & Media’s VA Study not VA or Clinically & Peer Reviewed

2020 MAY 19 President Trump Holds a Cabinet Meeting and Fields Q & A

2020 MAY 19 Pres.Trump; Roundtable with Restaurant Executives & Industry Leaders plus press Q & A

2020 MAY 14 Trump talks Coronavirus in the Whitehouse; Gen. Flynn, Obama admin & China with Maria Bartiromo

2020 MAY 19 Trump advises he’s taking Hydroxychloroquine as a Preventative Measure

2020 MAY 17 Pres. Trump Vaccine Development, Distribution to US Community and Beyond

2020 MAY 14 Chris Wallace; I want to know about Biden’s petition to unmask

2020 MAY 17 Trump; Unmasking Of Flynn Is Greatest Political Scam In History Of Our Country

2020 MAY 17 Trump talks Michael Flynn, Obama admin and China with Maria Bartiromo

2020 MAY 15 President Trump keeps the pressure on former Obama officials who ‘unmasked’ Michael Flynn

2020 MAY 17 Trump; We have a lot of information on Wuhan lab and it’s not good

2013 FEB 07 The 30,000 foot view of what’s coming…

2020 APR 27 Everyone Needs to Pay Attention to This, It’s Happening

2020 APR 25 CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With Covid-19 (Bombshell)

General Michael Flynn Publishes his Declaration of Innocence!

2020 APR 04 Non-Fiction; Bill Gates; ID2020 & Microchips for the planned Cashless Society

2020 APR 21 HOTMIC; Foxnews – John, USC, Fatality Rate 0.1; Dougie, Everybody Here Has Been Vaccinated Anyway! Hoax?

2020 APR 21 NNN Early Antibody Testing Indicates Far More COVID-19 Cases, Lower Mortality Rate

2020 APR 20 Dr.  Sood; LA County DPH nCoV19 Serology Study; EXPOSURE (significantly Higher) MORTALITY RATE (significantly Lower)

2020 APR 17 Why lockdowns are the wrong policy; Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke

2020 APR 20 Politicians ‘freaked’ about ‘plainly wrong’ coronavirus predictions

2020 APR 21 Australian Politicians (don’t have the guts to admit COVID-19 was exaggerated)

2020 APR 17 How Sweden is Responding to the Coronavirus; with Johan Norberg

2020 APR 17 Dr John Ioannidis COVID 19 Serology Study True Infection Rate Fatality in Ballpark of Seasonal Influenza

2020 APR 18 Australia When Did The Government Forget They Are There To Serve It’s People

2020 APR 19 Pres Trump Calls out those who tried to overthrow a duly elected President as Scumbags

2020 APR 19 Gary Franchi Next News Network; I just got Tested for COVID-19 Antibodies & MODELLING The simulations driving the world’s response to COVID-19

2020 MAR 15 Origins COVID-19 & Vaccines; WARNING Ps Sandy Armstrong

2020 APR 19 Dr Ahmed, Treatments & Scale of New York’s coronavirus devastation ‘difficult’ for outsiders to understand

2020 FEB 24 Pelosi (Anti Social Distancing policy) encourages people to come to Chinatown in COVID-19 CRISIS

2020 APR 19 Please Explain Andrew Cuomo; NYC Nurse Speaks Out While Under Gag Order

2020 APR 11 Google/Apple JV’S Dystopian COVID-19 Tracker Could Be Straight Out Of Orwell’s 1984

2020 APR 17 Privacy Experts Google and Apple’s Chinese Virus Tracing Technology Could Be Abused

2020 APR 10 Apple – Google Bluetooth-Based Contact-Tracing Platform To Combat Covid-19; End Privacy

2020 APR 12 Snowden/Jones; They Are Rolling Out The Architecture Of Oppression Now Because They Fear The People

2020 APR 15 Coronavirus Origins Chinese Laboratory (Foxnews)

2020 APR 15 Fanos Panayides the Hidden Truth; A passionate Rebuttal to Current Affair & Anti-vaxxers attack

2020 APR 14 Pres Trump’s Steps Outlines Restart Commerce; States to Administrate ‘w’ Fed Overwatch

2020 APR 13 Obama, Fauci, China, Wuhan Lab 4, $3.7m USD Grant results in COVID-19

2020 APR 14 Disproportionate impact; Al Sharpton talks coronavirus ethnic disparity with Dr. Fauci

2020 MAR 18 Dr. Shiva Solution for Fake Science Destroying You and the Economy

2020 APR 13 nCoV19 PM Morrison Let’s Unlock Our Water, Free our Farmers and Feed Australia

2020 APR 07 China’s CCP Act of Bio-War nCoV19; Our Strategy Recover, Reparations and-or Destruction of the CCP

2020 JAN 31 Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai Discusses the Spread of Coronavirus & Solutions for Combating It

2020 APR 09 Seven Judges; Unanimous; Acquitted; Cardinal Pell; It Was Just False Imprisonment

2020 APR 09 Martyn Iles; The Travesty of the Medical Boards Treatment of Dr Jereth Kok

2020 APR 10 N.Y. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, success treating COVID-19 patients reaches the White House

2020 APR 09 Dr. Shiva Exposes Fauci, Birx, Gates, and the W.H.O. Covid-19 Endgame

2020 MAR 01 Dr. SHIVA Ayyaduraion, Coronavirus; Time to Talk about Immune Health!

2020 APR 10 Victory in Wuhan is Not All It Seems; still in Lockdown & Beijing Not Open for Business

2020 APR 09 Dr. SHIVA SAVING the Critically ILL & Immune Health; nCoV19 Vit A, D, C & Hydroxychloroquine

2020 APR 09 Pres. Trump Defunding World Health Organization; the Hammer is Falling on (WHO China Centric)

2020 APR 04 CN Gov COVID19 Crap Never Ends it Needs to Stop; AU Gov Needs to evict CN Interests

2020 APR 06 Ruby Princess; Disembarkment Community Transmitted nCoV19 Victims Absolutely Livered

2020 APR 06 China Really Screwed Australia, What Is Our Government Going To Do About This???

2020 APR 05 Chinas Deadly Coronavirus Cover-up (Sky Special Report)

2020 APR 05 Hydroxychloroquine; The US Media is Demented with Trump Hatred

2020 APR 03 Family Lockdown Boogie

2020 APR 04 President Trump & Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing also Q&A Time

2020 APR 04 NSW AU COVID19 Data reveals Young People at Risk; (ICU 23 VENTILATED 4 under 30)

2020 APR 04 ICU Dr Hepburn ‘Royal Gwent’ Wales [ICU FULL] nCoV19 Age 50 – 20 & NO Prev Melodies

2020 APR 04 US nCov19 ‘D-Day’ Expected In The Next Month; End Game DEATHS EXPECTED [0.1 – 2.0 million]

2020 APR 02 Chinese Researchers; Coronavirus Bats linked to Chinese gov’t LABS, NOT WET MARKETS

2020 APR 03 COVID19 Spreads whilst Carrier is Speaking not just Coughing is becoming Airborne

2020 APR 01 Virgin Airlines, wants a bail out, Hmmm SOD of DICK

2020 MAR 30 Doctor Shares the Biggest Lie About COVID-19 (UK Data)

2020 MAR 17 CCP Saving Face & BoP-EoP on the World Stage & Wuhan COVID-19

2020 MAR 30 MyPillow Mike Lindell speech causes MSM to suffer Major Brain-in-Fart

2020 MAR 31 CONFUSED COVID19 Cornstalks, Cockroaches, Welshies; NSW IS IN LOCKDOWN

2020 MAR 31 QLD Premiers’ Public Servants ‘Fat Cats’ Pay Rise W.T.F. Try 30% COVID19 ‘Pay Cut’

2020 MAR 31 Well Deserved Classic Trump Slap Down for Imbecile ‘Acosta’ of CNN. #OxygenThief 

2020 MAR 27 AU Police, Zero Tolerance to cavalier COVID19 attitudes before Alf Garnett Kicks-in

2020 MAR 28 A Tip for US. Hospital Management; pull your head out of your arse listen to the FRONT LINE

2020 MAR 26 Hydroxychloroquine WORKS yet Media Pundits tried to Discredit the Drug; WHY

2020 MAR 27 Dr Zelenko gives update on Hydroxychloroquine. OUTLINES DATA & Positive results

2020 MAR 26 China to Shut Borders to Foreigners Ok What’s Happening In China That They Want To Hide

2020 MAR 27 US. Coronavirus Task Force, Press Briefing

2020 MAR 27 New York ER Dr. Reports COVID-19 Take This Very Seriously; It Does Not Spare Anyone

2020 MAR 24 ER Dr. Gives A Rare Look Inside a Elmhurst Hospital, Queens a Center of COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 MAR 26 CPC Ordered Stripping Globally Essential Medical Supplies Jan-Feb Concealing COVID – 19 CRISIS

2020 MAR 26 DCMO Dr Paul; Updates The Latest Covid-19 Cases Across Australia

2020 MAR 25 PM Scott Morrison Establishes National COVID-19 Coordination Commission NC19CC

2020 MAR 25 COVID-19 The DC Med Officer Paul Kelly says Cases rise & now reached 2252

2020 MAR 25 PM Live In Canberra Update On The Coronavirus Outbreak & Gov Responses (full copy)

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 Scott Morrison; Extending the Restrictions, Announced of 22nd March (Plus Transcript)

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 LOCKDOWN; Scott Morrison Reveals Long List of Restricted Activities

2020 MAR 24 COVID-19 AU this Is Not A Drill; Your Actions Flattening The Curve will SAVE or KILL A Massive Number Of Australians

2020 MAR 23 Closing Au Borders To China Will Hopefully Have A Huge Impact On Virus Death Rate

2020 MAR 23 Australian PM summons spirit of the Anzacs in fight against COVID-19

2020 MAR 23 Au Prime Minister orders total shutdown of all non-essential services from today

2020 MAR 19 Now 3 Int. Studies Find Chloroquine with Azithromycin Shows 100% Success Rate in Treating Coronavirus in 6 Days!

2020 MAR 22, AUSTRALIAN PM Morrison & Treasurer Unveil a Second Stimulus Package

2020 MAR 18 Fit-and-healthy gym-goer, 39 in ICU with Covid-19; Dont Take Any Chances

2020 Mar 20 Italy’s hardest-hit city wants you to see how COVID-19 is affecting its hospitals

2020 MAR 19 PM Scott Morrison outlined further measures to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in Au

2020 MAR 19 Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s press conference about COVID-19

2020 MAR 20 Trump Announces FDA approved Medication for TREATMENT of Coronavirus

2020 MAR 18 Department of Defense; USA Briefing on Combating Coronavirus

2020 MAR 19 Coronavirus Task Force Update Cases in 50 States

2020 MAR 12 My Corona; The Ballad of Dunny Roll

2020 MAR 18 PM Scott Morrison announces new measures to fight COVID 19 in Australia

2020 MAR 17 Australia Now You Know This Is Serious Stuff We Are Facing COVID 19

2020 MAR 15 Australia on the verge of a coronavirus cure

2020 MAR 15 COVID-19 BREAKING ALERT; Douglas M. Ducote Sr; The Truth “It’s Not Good”

2020 MAR 05 Australia is ‘paying the price’ for destroying agriculture & Big Brother is at the door

2020 MAR 10 Lionel Nation Stop Protecting Epstein! Indict Ghislaine Maxwell & (p) Andrew Now!

2020 FEB 23 Tommy Robinson in Russia; Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy

2020, JAN 20 Tommy Robinson in Denmark Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy

2020 MAR 06 Is this the UK Bedfordshire; Police Pro-Paedophile Political Policing Or Just Plain Negligence?

2020 FEB 05 Exercise Great Caution; Teaching & Music; Pastor explains False Teachings

2020 MAR 05 AG Barr Outlines DoJ Plans to Combating Child Exploitation

2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Woolworths, Sydney…

2020 MAR 07 Australia in the Clutches of Toilet Paper Hysteria; Coles, Melbourne…

2019 OCT 21 Attorney General William Barr on Religious Liberty

2020 MAR 02 Eight Year Girls Father; Arrested For Dealing With A Perverted Child Molester; UK Justice

2020 FEB 28 U.S. AG William Barr Insightful Speech at NRB 2020 Christian Media Convention

2020 FEB 15 Australian Christian Lobby; Martin Isles Weighs-in after Today Show Mocks Mother

2020 FEB 09 Aussie wife slammed by Today Show hosts for loving family gives Epic Response

2020 FEB 12 AU Senator Hanson (BILL READING); We Must Stop The Indoctrination Of Our Children

2020 FEB 06 President Trump Delivers Remarks (Post Impeachment TOTAL ACQUITTAL)

2020 FEB 06 President Trump Attends the 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

2020 FEB 05, President Trump State of the Union 2020

2020 JAN 25 Pres Trump; 45th attends the 47th Annual March for Life

2020 JAN 09 President Trump Addresses the Nation; Irans Attacks in Iraq