2019 Media CLIPS


2019 JUN 10 DoD Funding Vaccine, Therapy Delivery Device 

2019 DEC 18 Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated

2019 AUG 01 Venomous snake fangs inspire new microneedle drug-delivery system

2019 DEC 19 Quantum Dots Deliver Vaccines and Invisibly Encode Vaccination History in Skin

2019 DEC 28 Ode of McGlade; The Right To Hate

2019 SEP 27 China; the Economic Warfare; (BRI) ‘Belt Road Initiate’ & ‘Made in China 2025’ (MIC25)

2019 DEC 25 AG Bill Barr Goes ‘One On One’ With Martha MacCallum

2019 DEC 25 Christmas Message PM Boris Johnson

2019 DEC 21 Pres. Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

2019 DEC 21 Pres. Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point USA Student Action Summit

2019 DEC 18 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, the Nation is ignited Chants USA 

2019 DEC 11 Senate Judiciary Committee; IG Horowitz FBI FISA SPYGATE (Edited)

2019 Dec 13 Barr; 24 Golden Nuggets on the Durham SpyGate Criminal Investigation

2019 DEC 11 Graham SJC; Opens IG Hearing with Scathing take on FISA Report; COUP

2019 DEC 11 IG CROSSFIRE HURRICANE (part 4) Lindsey Graham Questions Michael Horowitz

2019 DEC 11 Senate Judiciary Committee; IG Horowitz FBI FISA SPYGATE (FULL)

2019 DEC 09 Inspector General Finds ’17 Significant Errors’ in Applications for Spying on Trump Campaign Associate

2019 DEC 10 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Hershey, PA, the Nation is ignited Chants USA 

2019 DEC 10 This Was An Attempted Overthrow; ‘Coup’ Trump Slams FBI After FISA Report Release

2019 DEC 10 Barr Spygate A False Narrative; Delinquent Press & Gross FBI Abuses of FISA

2019 DEC 09 Afghan War & the Bush & Obama Governments Mass Deception

2019 DEC 09 Durham Disagrees With Some Conclusions in Inspector General’s Report

2019 DEC 09 AG Barr; Nuclear Statement on Inspector Generals FISA Report

2019 DEC 09 Fitton; Slams Horowitzs Findings on predication as ‘Dishonest’ a Whitewash

2019 DEC 09 Lionel; IG Report; Biggest Flop, Nothing & Disappointment Since The Irishman

2019 Dec 08 Trump; Delivers Remarks at Israeli American Council National Summit

2019 DEC 06 My Parents Ruined My Childhood

2019 DEC 03 Lionel; Giuffres, Nuclear Testimony, Dershowitz Toast, Barr Indict the Crooks

2019 DEC 02 Conway; On Why White House Declined To Participate In Nadler Hearings

2019 DEC 02 Prince Andrew; Virginia Roberts Giuffre & Epstein, Panorama Interview (FULL)

2019 DEC 02 Lionel; Team Trump Wont Play; Nadlers Sham Scam Bogus Hearing

2019 Nov 14 UEP Ukrainian Enrichment Programme; Clues to a ‘Pelosi Inc. Quid Pro Quo’

2019 NOV 30 Watters World; Impeachment Nothing because theres ‘Nothing’

2019 NOV 26 Pres. Trump had Absolutely EVERY RIGHT & Reason to Ask Ukraine about Biden

2019 NOV 27 UEP Ukrainian Enrichment Programme; Paul Pelosi Jr. Alleged Abuse, Fraud

2019 NOV 26 Trump (Homecoming) ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Florida, the Nation is ignited Chants USA

2019 NOV 26 Lionel; Prince Andrew Will Be Charged, Extradited & All Because of His Stupid Interview

2019 NOV 26 The Implosion Collapse of Deep State Rats; Nest Get Your Popcorn Ready

2019 Nov 25 UEP Ukrainian Enrichment Programme; this is no surprise ‘Adam Schiff’

2019 Nov 25 The Media ‘tantrum’ about Trump; & Nobody’s Listening

2019 NOV 24 Here Is What The Horowitz Report Should Conclude

2019 NOV 23 Ukrainegate; The Real Story Behind Ukraine, Trump, & Biden

2019 NOV 21 Cavuto; President Entitled To Tie US Aid To Ukraine Meddling Concerns

2019 NOV 20 Ukraine Bomb Gone off; Bidens, Obama, Dems, All Tied To Ukraine Corruption, Money Trail

2019 NOV 21 Did Obama have a Quid Pro Quo with Iran

2019 NOV 21 At the Circus Ringmaster Schiff; More Hearsay and More Arrogant Bureaucrats

2019 NOV 20 Sondland; Trump said I Want Nothing; No Quid Pro Quo Tell Jilinsky To Do The Right Thing

2019 NOV 20 Lionel; Mr AG WHO MURDERED EPSTEIN (It Wasnt Suicide OK)

2019 NOV 20 Gaggle; (GS) I want nothing No Quid Pro Quo Tell Jilinsky Do The Right Thing 

2019 NOV 19 Lionel; Epstein Case; Barr are you Missing the point, Who Murdered Epstein

2019 NOV 19 Trump Gaggle; Pelosi Grossly Incompetent, Schiff Kangaroo Court, US Media Very Dangerous

2019 NOV 19 Underage Sex, Prostitutes, Pedophilia, Deviant Andrew & A Dingbat Brit Socialite Fossil

2019 NOV 18 Jim Jordan Lists Four Facts That Will Never Change In Impeachment Probe

2019 NOV 17 Prince Andrews Bizarre Responses & Pizza Dog Whistle

2019 NOV 17 Lionel Nation; Bald Face Lie and Couldnt Care A Less, Royal Pedo Perv Prince Andrew

2019 NOV 16 Lionel Nation; Prince Andrews BBC Tell ALL; Andrew Spins Naked Lies of Selective Amnesia

2019 NOV 14 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Bossier, Louisiana; the Nation is ignited Chants USA

2019 NOV 14 Franco; speaks with Senator Rand Paul About the Alleged Whistleblower

2019 NOV 12 Oy vey You Know When You’ve Dodged a Bullet; Reply Dodge this Sucker

2019 NOV 12 DOJ Concludes Evidence of Crimes Committed by Obama Govt. in Spygate of Pres Trump

2019 NOV 11 Varney; Pulls Up Alan Dershowitz for Attacking Epstein Accusers

2019 NOV 11 Huckabee says Kelly and Tillerson were ‘Constitutionally Wrong’

2019 NOV 10 Why Have Governments Protected This Industry; ABORTION BUSINESS; Their DARKEST SECRETS

2019 NOV 10 Sixty Minutes Australia; Exposing Jeffrey Epsteins International Sex Trafficking Ring

2019 NOV 09 Trump Gaggle; Economy, Employment, Military, China, Ukraine Transcript

2019 NOV 09 Pres. Trump Massively Cheered by a Massive Crowd at Alabama-LSU Game

2019 NOV 09 Mainstream Medias Betrayal; 3 yrs Protecting Child Sex Predators (How Many More Victims)

2019 NOV 08 Israel Folau; I am not ashamed of the gospel (Media Would Rather You Didn’t See This)

2019 NOV 08 Judicial Watch Unearths Visitor Log From Eric Ciaramellas Time At The White House

2019 NOV 08 Trump Gaggle; Impeach Hoax; Corrupt Politician & I’ve Caught the Swamp

2019 NOV 05 Lionel Nation on Accountability or Liability & ABC Spiking the Epstein Expose

2019 NOV 06 MSM Execs ABC & Others; Part Of ‘Network Of People’ That Covered For Epstein

2019 NOV 06 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Monroe, Louisiana; the Nation is ignited Chants Lock Her Up

2019 NOV 06 DEMS Impeachment Plan is Part of the Coup Plan of 2017 Pelosi & Schiff are Conspirators of a Coup

2019 NOV 06 FISA Rpt; Toensing & Di Genova; Obama Admin & FBI & DoJ people are going to be Indicted 

2019 NOV 06 Epstein ABC Leak Puts Heat Back On Prince Andrew; It should be a Nuke Firestorm

2019 NOV 06 Amy Robach; How Many Girls are Epstein Victims in your 3yr CAREER Safe Lane

2019 Nov 05 You my Chick fil A (Martyn Iles Australian Christian Lobby)

2019 NOV 05 ABC News Insider Recording Exposes ‘Epstein Coverup’; We had Clinton, We had Everything

2019 Nov 05 Climate Change Part 1 & 2 ‘The Truth of It’ (Martyn Iles)

2019 NOV 04 Rand Paul Blasts Media ‘Name The Whistleblower’ & REPs will Subpoena Biden’s & Whistleblowers

2019 NOV 04 No Surprises Here; Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back to John Brennan

2019 NOV 04 Biden Inc Guilty as Sin (Quid Pro Quo); How Deep is this Rabbit Hole

2019 NOV 04 Lionel Nation; Trump; Magnificence on Display Post-Rally Review Lexington, Kentucky

2019 NOV 04 Mark Steyn Reacts To Trump’S Explosive Kentucky Rally ‘TRUMPS GOING TO BE TRUMP’

2019 NOV 04 Found Records Show Contact Between Strzok, Ohr; That DOJ Claimed It Couldn’t Find

2019 Nov 04 Pompeo Rips Impeachment Probe; Iran Sanctions; Paris Accord; China Cyber War

2019 NOV 04 Trump ‘MAGA KAG’ Rally in Lexington, Kentucky; the Nation is ignited Chants USA

2019 NOV 03 UEP Ukrainian Enrichment Programme; Paul Pelosi Jr. FACTS Viscoil

2019 NOV 03 Trump Gaggle; Whistleblowers 1 & 2; The Scam; Durham & Barr & Nancys Lost Her Mind

2019 NOV 07 Anti-Trump Leaker; Whistleblower ‘Spook’ Eric Ciaramella

2019 NOV 02 Kellyanne Conway Press Gaggle; ‘NOT SUFFERING FOOLS TODAY’ and There’s No Shortage of Them

2019 NOV 01 Trump ‘KAG’ Rally in Tupelo; Massive Bitch Slap to DEM’s and the MS Whore Media

2019 NOV 01 Trump Gaggle; All Indicators Are Positive, Impeachment Hoax; Crazed Democrat Lunatics

2019 NOV 01 Kudlow; Tax Cuts 2 0; Middle-Class Boom & Don’t Blame Trump ‘One Bit’ off to Florida

2019 NOV 01 Collapse of the Mainstream Media

2019 OCT 30 Dr Baden Reveals Epstein Evidence Points To Homicide What’s The FBI & DoJ Doing

2019 OCT 29 Finton; ‘NEW Benghazi’ Email Obtained; HRC (Email) Cover-Up by Swamp STILL in State Department

2019 OCT 29 Esper Holds A Press Briefing On Raid That Killed ISIS Leader

2019 OCT 29 Lionel; Farrago Fraud, 2011 Bin Laden Raid; Casts Shadows on the al Baghdadi Story

2019 OCT 28 Raid Footage on ISIS Leader Might be Released & Schiff was Excluded as He Leaks & Corrupt

2019 OCT 28 Trump; Speaks at IACP Conference Chicago WHERES ‘EDDIE’ Chicago Chiefs of Police

2019 OCT 28 Attorney General Bill Barr; The Chips Fall Where They May

2019 OCT 27 FBI Doctored Evidence in Flynn Probe His Case Must Be Dismissed; It Was A Setup

2019 OCT 28 Obama’s Spygate; DOJ, IG Horowitz Report Almost Ready For Release

2019 OCT 27 Kellyanne Conway; Slaps Reporters & Calling Out Presumptive, No Factual & Plain Lazy Reporting

2019 OCT 27 Pres. Trumps Redlines Are Real Cross them at your own peril ‘Al-Baghdadi’s Redline Day’

2019 OCT 27 Pres. Trump ISIS; Caliphate is Dead & the ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Dead

2019 OCT 27 Lindsey Graham Game Changer; (IS) Leader al-Baghdadi is Dead, Well Done Mr President

2019 OCT 26 Trump Press Gaggle; DND, USMCA, Ukraine, Giuliani, Biden Inc, China, Afghanistan, Syria, AG Barr

2019 OCT 25 Trump Gaggle Do Nothing Democrats & Obama, Clinton 2016 Criminal Cabal

2019 OCT 25 Senator Graham; Impeachment Process Is Dangerous

2019 OCT 24 Sen. Graham Responds To Top Obama Deputy Susan Rice Calling Him ‘A Piece of Shit’

2019 OCT 24 Graham Unloads On House Dems After Fiery Press Conference

2019 OCT 24 Durhams; Russia Origins Probe is Now A Criminal Investigation

2019 OCT 24 Trump Addresses Nation; Turkeys ‘Cease-Fire Permanent’ with the Syria; and Kurds

2019 OCT 22 Lindsey Graham; Senate Must Dismiss an Illegitimate Trump Impeachment Trial

2019 OCT 22 Ingraham; Deep State Hates You The People ( Open Your Eyes America Payback Nov 2020)

2019 OCT 23 Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bill Clears Second Reading, 329 votes to 299

2019 OCT 23 Not One Swamp Creatures Arse in the Sling Why Mr Barr

2019 OCT 23 Lou Dobbs, Matt Gaetz; (DEMS Impeachment Inquiry) Fact is Trump No Quid Pro Quo

2019 OCT 22 Ratcliffe Reveals From Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing FACT No-Quid-Pro-Quo

2019 OCT 22 Trump White House Cabinet Meeting. Snapshot; Various Topics and Issues

2019 OCT 22 Hannity; Democrats ‘Running’ an; (Soviet-style) Illegitimate Impeachment Inquiry

2019 Oct 22 Grantleigh Curro School in KZN Demonic Art Display

2019 OCT 22 Trump Pre Cabinet Mtg Gaggle G7 2020, House of Crooks, Turks & Kurds, Endless Wars, Kudrow Economy

2019 OCT 21 Road to Syria (Obama Admin) KNEW Weapons Were Shipped Benghazi to Syrian Jihadists

2019 Oct 21 Jim Jordan Reacts To Democrats Killing Gop 185 VOTES Bid To Censure Schiff

2019 OCT 19 Bad Apple is in Bed with the Reds Pulls Hong Kong from Map App

2019 OCT 18 President Trump Rally Dallas (Thrashing the Radical Left)

2019 OCT 18 The Geekz Team Response To The LEFTS Out Rage Of The Tumpsman Clip

2019 OCT 18 Official Government Lies The State Of Washington

2019 OCT 18 Fighting Has Ceased; Turkey, Syria, Kurds & a 22 Mile Safe Zone Agreed

2019 OCT 17 White House Unhinged Liberal Media Press Briefing with Mick Mulvaney on the 2020 G7

2019 OCT 17 Pelosi Storms out of Meeting; McCarthy Said Meeting  Was More Productive Without Pelosi

2019 OCT 14 Lee Zeldin; Adam Schiffs House Intel Clown Show

2019 OCT 14 Biden Inc; China, Ukraine Romania Iraq

2019 OCT 14 United Kingdom Queens Speech House of Lords 2019

2019 OCT 14 Schiff Caught Out & Backtracking; Biden Inc Whistleblower Scandal

2019 OCT 14 Jim Jordan; Adam Schiffs House Intel Secret Inquiry

The Trumpsman vs. Kingsman (Church Clip) M15+ MACABRE BUT FUNNY

2019 OCT 13 Trump; Values Voter Summit; We Will Impeach The Swamp

2019 OCT 12 Pres. Trump Meets with the Vice Premier Liu He of the People’s Republic of China

2019 OCT 12 Trump Gaggle; Biden Inc; China Trade; Turkey & the Kurds; Ukraine Hoax & Troops to Saudi

2019 OCT 11 Trump Rally; Minneapolis Press and Democrats, Joe & Hunter Biden get a Thrashing

2019 OCT 11 Sweeney, Learnt Nothing; TRnews “Exposes” Sweeney Again; Liar & Corrupt & the Rat of the BBC

2019 OCT 11 Ukraine Files; Biden Inc got $17.5 Million in Racketeering

2019 OCT 11 Trump Rally; Lake Charles & Press and Democrats, Joe & Hunter Biden get a Thrashing

2019 OCT 11 Trump Gaggle; Ukraine, China & Joe Biden; Adam Schiff & Democrats Crimes; Syria, Turkey, Kurds & Endless Wars

2019 OCT 10 UN Cash Crisis, it May Default on Bill by End of October

2019 OCT 10 Ukrainian MP; Joe Biden was paid by Burisma Holdings $900m

2019 OCT 09 Lindsey Graham Talks U.S. Troop Withdrawal & House Democrats Impeachment Inquiry 

2019 OCT 09 Giuliani & Biden Inc. Joe Biden was also paid $900m by Burisma Holdings Ukraine

2019 OCT 09 Epsteins Female Enablers Named; Maxwell, Fontanilla, Groff & Espinosa

2019 OCT 09 Trump; Gaggle at the WH, & said they did NOT want Spies in the WH & exposed the Democrats

2019 OCT 09 Giuliani Joe Biden & Hunter, Pay to Play & Corruption with Egregious Motives

2019 OCT 08 UEP Ukrainian Enrichment Programme; Paul Pelosi Jr. Alleged Ties To Ukraine

2019 OCT 08 Giuliani & Digenova Respond To Democrat Unconstitutional Conduct

2019 OCT 05 Liz Wheeler; Reasons Not To Believe Climate Change Criers

2019 OCT 05 Giuliani; Rudy Giuliani speaks out on Ukraine

2019 OCT 04 Trump; Gaggle says Calls To Investigate Biden Is About Fighting Corruption

2019 OCT 04 Washington Post Calls Out Schiff Over False Whistleblower Comments

2019 OCT 03 Hannity; Calls For Release Of Every Biden-Ukraine Phone Call Transcript

2019 OCT 03 Giuliani Has Ukrainian Docs & six witnesses showing 2016 Dem Collusion & Massive J & H Bidens Corruption

2019 OCT 03 Trump Gaggle Exe Order Medicare, Do Nothing Democrats, Ukraine, China, Biden 

2019 OCT 03 Hannity; Adam Schiff is a Proven Liar AGAIN now Lying about the Ukraine Whistleblower

2019 OCT 03 Schiff Is A Fraud And So Is The Rest Of His Democrat Party; McEnany

2019 OCT 03 Tucker; Trump Refused To Bow To Intelligence Agencies

2019 OCT 03 Tucker; Left Wanted To Impeach Trump Before He Was Elected

2018 OCT 03 Trump ‘MAGA-KAG’ Rally in Mississippi; the Nation is ignited Chants USA

2019 OCT 02 Trump with President Sauli Niinisto, Fake New, Impeachment, Treasonous Schiff, Ruling Trump is on CA Ballot 

2019 OCT 02 Trump claims Schiff ‘helped write’ Whistleblower Complaint

2019 SEP 28 Tennessee Voters See Through the Democrats & It Will Be Reflected In 2020

2019 SEP 28 Tennessee Voters See Through the Democrats & It Will Be Reflected In 2020

2019 SEP 27 Trey Gowdy, Adam Schiff Ukraine Parody is Plain Making Stuff Up

2019 SEP 26 Treasonous John Kerry; secret meetings with Iran to undermine President Trump

2019 SEP 26 Kellyanne Conway; Trump Whistle Blower the Ukraine Transcript Speaks for Itself

2019 SEP 26 Treasonous John Kerry; secret meetings with Iran to undermine President Trump

2019 SEP 26 Exclusive; Pence Talks Ukraine Transcript, Defends Trump’s Presidency

2019 SEP 26 Matt Gaertz addresses Speaker of the House and its members Trump Impeachment is Insane

2019 SEP 26 Dershowitz; Impeachment Inquiry Will Backfire On DEMS

2019 SEP 26 Rees-Mogg; NO Constitutional Coup & Strongly Disagree with Prorogation Judgement

2019 SEP 26 Boris Johnson; MP Paula Sherriff All I Can Say Is What A Load Of “HUMBUG”

2019 SEP 26 Trump; Pelosi’s Futile Plan, Stops Drug Price Reduction, Guns & Infrastructure

2019 SEP 26 Trump; Schiff Focuses on Hoaxes, Lies, Neglecting What’s Important

2019 SEP 25 Remarks by President Trump to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

2019 SEP 25 Jim Jordan; Ukraine Scandal Is Just Dems Out to Get Trump

2019 SEP 25 Graham on His Takeaways from Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call

2019 SEP 25 Graham on His Takeaways from Trump’s Ukraine Phone Call

2019 SEP 25 Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn Strongly Joust, over Brexit

2019 SEP 25 Seven Lessons from The Past 48 Hours Ukraine Hoax

2019 SEP 25 Geoffrey Cox; Unleashes an Oratory Hurricane at the (Brexit Remainers)

2019 SEP 25 Geoffrey Cox Parliament “dead” Let Electorate Decide Who Sits in These Seats

2019 SEP 25 Geoffrey Cox; These Turkeys Across the Aisle Won’t Be Able to Prevent Christmas Brexit

2019 SEP 25 Geoffrey Cox; Prorogation The Supreme Court’s Ruling Is New Law And Binding To Both Side

2019 SEP 24 Must Watch; Jim Jordan Leaves Nadler Completely Speechless in An Epic Clash

2019 SEP 23 Liz Wheeler; The Child Abuse of Greta Thunberg

2019 Sep 22 Jayda; Worldwide Climate Change Hysteria

2019 SEP 20 Reckoning; Epstein Accusers On Dateline; Women Detail Child Sex Abuse [Full Story]

2019 SEP 13 Trump Gaggle Economy, Stock Market, China Trade, John Bolton

2019 SEP 12 Graham Rips, Garbage Trump Dossier Ahead of FISA Abuse Report

2019 SEP 12 Never Ever Forget; President Trump Emotional Speech from the Pentagon

2019 AUG 11 Ohrs 302s Unravel Russian Hoax FBI & DoJ was Involved in the Attempted Coup

2019 SEP 11 Trump; John Bolton, Made Some Very Big Mistakes

2019 SEP 10 Pres. Trumps Gaggle with Press; Taliban Talks are (DEAD)

2019 SEP 10 Moment Speaker John Bercow Angrily Leads MP’s In A Procession to House of Lords to Mark Suspension

2019 SEP 10 The Moment Parliament Was Suspended For Five Weeks Amid Brexit Crisis

2019 AUG 31 President Trump Gaggle; before heading off to Camp David

2019 AUG 31 Lionel; Why and How You’re Being Primed for the Grand UFO Disclosure

2019 AUG 29 President Trump Officially Establishes the US Space Command

2019 Aug 29 Jayda Fransen Interview The Future

2019 AUG 27 New Information Reveals Possible Dropbox Of Hillary Emails Tied to China

2019 AUG 24 Pres Trump Gaggle before G7, France, China, North Korea, South Korea WH News

2019 AUG 24 AG; Barr Making Major Changes To Immigration Courts

2019 AUG 22 Katie Williams Speaks After Losing Ms Nevada Crown For Pro Trump Posts

2019 AUG 22 Greenland; Trump Cancels Denmark Trip ‘Frederiksen’ Buying Greenland Absurd

2019 AUG 22 Greenland; President Trumps Bid Shows ‘Art of The Deal’

2019 AUG 20 Pres Trump & Iohannis of Romania, FEDS, Economy, Tax, China, UK & No Recession

2019 AUG 20 Clip Thousands Descend on NSW Parliament for Late Night Pro Life Rally by L Barrett Au

2019 AUG 20 Australia Thousands Descend On NSW Parliament For Late Night Pro Life Rally

2019 AUG 20 DOJ Tells Supreme Court Trump Ending DACA is 100% Lawful

2019 AUG 20 Graham IG Report on FISA Abuse Will Be ‘Damning and Ugly’

2019 AUG 18 Hong Kong Divided; Clashes Continue Now In Its Eleventh Week of Protests

2019 AUG 18 Microsofts Latest Privacy Policy Says Vendors Listen to Voice Data

2019 AUG 17 Avi Yemini; Hong Kong (I’ve never seen anything like this) Police Responses to Peaceful Protests

2019 AUG 17 Epstein (Inmate 76318-054) Death Ruled a Suicide (Hahaha)

2019 AUG 17 House Judiciary Launching an Investigation into Epsteins Death

2019 AUG 17 (Fact or Fiction) Autopsy Jeffrey Epstein Hung Himself

2019 AUG 17 Judicial Watch Clinton IT aide Created Secret Gmail Address to Forward Hillarys Emails

2019 AUG 17 Bruce Ohr Played Nothing but Spy Games with Christopher Steele on Anti-Trump Targeting

2019 AUG 16 Trump Gaggle; Israel, China Trade, Hong Kong, Blagojevich, Gun & Mental Health

2019 AUG 16 Senate Report Finds Clinton Emails Sent to Cryptic Gmail

2019 AUG 16 Nation Betrayed; UK Met Police Decided Against (full) Epstein Trafficking Investigation

2019 AUG 16 Why the DOJ Is Responsible for Epsteins DEATH William Marshall & Tom Fitton

2019 AUG 16 Trump to Host National Security Meeting on Afghanistan

2019 AUG 16 JEW HATERS; Tlaib Says She Will Not Visit Israel After Ban Is Lifted on Her Entry

2019 AUG 16 Sebastian Gorka, Why Bill Clinton Was Painted in A Blue Dress for Jeffrey Epstein

2019 AUG 15 FBI Memo, Obama State Department was in Talks with Fusion GPS

2019 AUG 15 Give Me Your Poor, Huddled Masses, Give ME a BREAK

2019 AUG 15 Disinformation; Planned Implosion of US. Stock Market, Epstein Black Book & Assange Dead

2019 AUG 15 George Galloway; Who Benefits from Jeffrey Epsteins Death

2019 AUG 14 Rudy Giuliani On Epstein’s ‘Mind-Boggling’ Death; It’s Impossible

2019 AUG 14 ‘The Five’ Reacts to CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo’s Viral Dispute

2019 AUG 14 Judicial Watch Investigating Epstein’s Death (The Eye on The Investigators)

2019 AUG 14 This is Why hes always been Fredo to me. Sebastian Gorka on the Chris Cuomo Meltdown

2019 AUG 13 Epstein, Conspiracies, Autopsy, DoJ Livid, FBI at Little Saint James

2019 AUG 13 Chris (Fredo) Cuomo or Chris (Gopher) Cuomo Makes Threats to Heckler (STREET LANGUAGE)

2019 AUG 13 Chris (Fredo) Cuomo; Racial Slur = BS Makes Threats to (Heckler)

2019 AUG 13 Lionel Nation; CNN FredoGate Why FredoCuomo Is So Hilarious & what’s with Hannity

2019 AUG 12 Virginia Giuffre Talks (Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein) and A Baby

2019 AUG 12 Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Deepens Multiple Lingering Mysteries

2019 AUG 12 SpyGate Ohrs FBI 302s Show; UNPRECEDENTED EFFORT by FBI, DOJ, State Dept Target Trump

2019 AUG 12 USCIS; Cuccinelli; Announces Final Rule Enforcing Public Charge Inadmissibility Law

2019 AUG 12 Attorney General Barr; Epstein’s Co Conspirators Should Not Rest Easy

2019 AUG 12 AMTV (Case Closed!) Epstein Alive and Well! Autopsy Fake; Hong Kong Obfuscation

2019 AUG 12 Trump Gaggle, FredoGate, Economy, Epstein & Hong Kong

2019 AUG 11 FBI eyes Epstein’s Death (LESSON TRUST NOT; State Police or Prison System)

2019 AUG 11 Trey Gowdy; I CRY NOT FOR… Epstein

2019 AUG 11 Australia A dark day for Victoria, First Euthanasia Death

2019 AUG 10 Trove of Records Unsealed in Giuffres Case Against (Maxwell) for Sex With Epstein

2019 AUG 10 FBI 302 Interviews with Bruce Ohr on SpyGate Released to Judicial Watch

2019 AUG 10 The REAL Red Flag the Shootings You DIDN’T Hear About

2019 AUG 10 Spygate Indictments Coming, Says Former Intelligence Operative Tony Shaffer

2019 AUG 10 Jeffrey Epstein; Dead of Suicide; Hmm ANOTHER PLATE OF BOVINE WASTE

2019 AUG 10 1984 Style Dystopia as Walmart Censors Hunting Ads, Video Games, Movies

2019 AUG 10 FDNY Source Confirms Jeffrey Epstein found Dead in Jail

2019 AUG 09 (MSNB Conspiracy) are Pushing Conspiracy Theories NOT NEWS

2019 AUG 09 FISA Fraud & Bruce Ohr, 320s

2019 AUG 09 Jordan On Released Ohr Docs ‘Pretty Clear’ What They Were Up To

2019 AUG 09 Trump Gaggle; Guns, Immigration, Economy, China, Feds, South Korea, Japan & Social Media

2019 AUG 09 Court Unseals 2,000 Virginia Giuffre 2015 Documents Related to Epstein Case

2019 AUG 08 GOP Goes To War With Twitter Over The Freezing of Mitch McConnells Campaign Account

2019 AUG 08 Truth of It. Folau, Folau, NSW Abortion Laws, Religious Freedom Reforms & Euthanasia

2019 AUG 08 Graham On Bruce Ohr Bombshell; Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

2019 AUG 07 Trump Gaggle; Rhetoric, Guns, South Korea, Hate, China, Immigration & Joe Biden

2019 AUG 07 Obamas Coup Plotters are in Trouble & Google are in Trouble

2019 AUG 07 Former Google Employee Kevin Cernekee Accuses Tech Giant of Political Bias

2019 AUG 06 President Trump Sets the Comey Table by Dave Janda

2019 AUG 03, Lobby Camera. Ryan’s Bodyguard Violently Ejects at the Heldrich (Guards GUN Drawn) Clip 02

2019 AUG 03 April Ryan’s Bodyguard Assaults Reporter After Stealing His Camera Clip 01

2019 AUG 02 Katie Hopkins Speaks Freely @ Forum Cafe Sahpira Caesarea About Immigration and Free Speech

2019 AUG 01 Trump Gaggle; North Korea, China, Mexico, Comey, Cashmere & Southern Border

2019 JUL 31 When Muslims Do Not Assimilate by Bill Warner PhD

2019 JUL 25 David Vance Speaks With Jayda Fransen; The Next Chapter

2019 JUL 25 Trump; Gaggle; To Reporters After Muellers Dramatic Hearings

2019 JUL 25 U.S. Rep. Michael Turners Full Questioning Of Robert Mueller

2019 JUL 25 Obama Knew of Spy Gate and was Running the Show to Target Trump

2019 JUL 25 U.S. Devin Nunes full questioning of Robert Mueller

2019 JUL 25 U.S. Kellyanne Conway pushes back the liberal Media calling them out

2019 JUL 24 House Intel Committee Hearing with Robert Mueller (Full)

2019 JUL 24 Ratcliffe; Shreds Mueller Over The ‘Bogus’ Vol 2 of His Report

2019 JUL 24 AUSTRALIA. Not Ashamed Conference. Martyn Iles. Not Ashamed

2019 JUL 24 U.S. Trey Gowdy Breaks Down Muellers Marathon Hearings

2019 JUL 24 U.S. Hannity. Mueller’s Testimony Was An Unmitigated Disaster

2019 JUL 24 U S The Judiciary Hearing with Former Special Counsel Robert S Mueller, III

2019 JUL 24 Senator Gohmert, Trump had No Corrupt Intent and was Pursuing Justice

2019 JUL 24 U.S. Nunes; There is Collusion Between Russia and the Democratic Party

2019 JUL 24 U.S. Mueller Withers as Questioning Turns to The Russia Narrative

2019 JUL 24 Its Clear Mueller Did Not Write This Report Alan Dershowitz

2019 JUL 24 U.S; Its a HOAX Trump Responds to Mueller Hearings

2019 JUL 24 U.S; Gutfeld on the Mueller Hearings

2019 JUL 24 U.S; Greg Steube GRILLS Mueller on Interviewing with Trump

2019 JUL 24 U.S; Graham It’s Clear Mueller wasnt in Charge of The Investigation

2019 JUL 24 Matt Gaetz Asks Why did not Mueller Investigate Source of Dossier

2019 JUL 24 U.S. Rep Collins EXPOSES Mueller using his OWN REPORT at House Hearing

2019 JUL 23 President Trump Speech at Turning Point USA Event

2019 JUL 23 TR News confronts Daily Star for 100% Factious TR Article they Printed & Online

2019 JUL 23 U.S. SecDef; Pres. Trump Swearing in Ceremony for Mark Esper

2019 JUL 23 U.S. Chinese Espionage & Antifa Sen. Cruz and FBI Director Wray

2019 JUL 22 U.S. President Trump PM. Khan at WH. Press Conference

2019 JUL 19 Trump’s (New Asylum Rules) Gutfeld

2019 JUL 18 Gaggle Gang of 4, The Direction of The Democrats & Omar Married Her Brother

2019 JUL 16 US President Trump Press Conference at Cabinet Meeting in the White House

2019 JUL 16 US Kellyanne Conway FIERY Exchange with the Liberal Media

2019 JUL 15 US President Trump Ask Press Okay; Do You Have Any Questions, How Well Our Manufacturing

2019 JUL 15 US Peter Thiel Throws Bombshell Accusation at Google

2019 JUL 15 Look at Australia China State Enterprises Taking Down Businesses Across The Globe

2019 JUL 12 US SOCIAL MEDIA BIAS Pres. Trump Speech on Leftist Twitter and Facebook Bias

2019 JUL 12 US Citizenship Question on Census; President Trump Speech on The New Executive Order

2019 JUL 12 Killing Free Speech Part 1

2019 JUL 11 Debbie of America Can We Talk; No Free Speech in UK, Tommy Robinson Sentenced

2019 JUL 11 Convicted of Journalism; British Journalist Tommy Robinson Jailed Again

2019 JUL 10 Tommy Robinsons UK Journalist; this Might Be Last; Interview by Andrew Wilkow

2019 JUL 10 Tommy Robinson; There is Corruption in The System for All to SEE

2019 JUL 10 UK The Wrongful Arrest & Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson

2019 JUL 10 UK Ann Widdecombe Brilliantly Argues in Favour of Free Speech at Oxford Union

2019 JUL 10 The Australian Constitution Is Built on Biblical Principle said Margaret Court

2019 JUL 10 Katie Hopkins; Tommy Robinson In His Own Words

2019 JUL 10 Tommy Robinson’s Final Interview Before Prison

2019 JUL 09 UK; BREAKING Tommy Robinson Asks President Trump for Political Asylum

2019 JUL 09 Lionel; Big Names Drop as Epstein Sex Scandal Grows

2019 JUL 09 UK (S.D N.Y) US Attorney says Epstein Should Be Detained Until Trial

2019 JUL 08 UK Former UKIP Leader Gerard Batten Reacts to Tommy Robinson Verdict

2019 JUL 08 The Hard Truth About Islam by Robert Spencer

2019 JUL 08 Liberals Triggered President Trump Speech on the Environment

2019 JUL 07 Tommy Robinson Contempt Due to No Free Press in the UK & Political Persecution

2019 JUL 07 Perversion of Justice; The Epstein Story in Depth

2019 JUL 06 UK Tommy Robinson Guilty of Upsetting Muslims In the Islamic Republic of the UK

2019 JUL 06 Trump Gaggle; Biden, China, Economy, ICE, Nth Korea, Iran, VP Flight Divert, Border

2019 JUL 06 UK Tommy Robinson Talks to Ruptly, After Being Found Guilty of Contempt of Court

2019 JUL 05 Trump; Gaggle; Considering Executive Order on Citizenship Question

2019 JUL 05 UK; Enemy of The State; I’m Not Guilty Your Honour

2019 JUL 02 Trump; Is Trying to Save Lives at The Southern Border

2019 JUL 02 Kellyanne Conway; SPARS with the Liberal Media and it gets HEATED

2019 JUL 02 NZ Nat. MP Alfred Ngaro; Folau Must Be Free to Express His Religion

2019 JUL 01 Trump Sits Down with Tucker Carlson in Japan

2019 JUL 01 Rugby Australia Sponsors Could Face Fines Over Folau Employment Lawyer

2019 JUL 01 Dangers of Google; Project Veritas, & Unsecure Borders Louie Gohmert

2019 JUN 30 Silent Scott Morrison, Riccardo Bosi Discusses Israel Folau

2019 JUN 29 California Lawmakers Pass Measure Forcing Pastors to Embrace LGBT

2019 JUN 29 AUSTRALIA Israel Folau FIGHTS Globalist Suppression of his Christian Faith

2019 JUN 28 US G20 Pres Trump Speaks to Press at the End of the G20 Summit in Osaka Japan

2019 JUN 28 Rugby Australia Has Set A Dangerous Precedent That Must Be Fought Against

2019 JUN 27 Israel Folau (Very, Very Disappointed) After Rugby AU Mediation Fails

2019 JUN 27 Israel Folau Claims Rugby AU Offered Money to Remove Controversial Post

2019 JUN 26 AUSTRALIA What Happens If Israel Folau Wins

2019 JUN 25 Izzy Folaus Case Is Our Case

2019 JUN 25 Ingraham Nancy Pelosi (The Emotional Kids’ Card) She Doesn’t Care for These Children

2019 JUN 24 Exec Blows Whistle Reveals Google Plan to Prevent (Trump situation) in 2020

2019 JUN 24 Kellyanne Conway on Hatch Act Violations It Is an Attempt to Silence Me

2019 JUN 24 Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent Trump

2019 JUN 24 Daisy Cousens; Weighs in on GoFundMe Decision on Izzy Folau

2019 JUN 24 New Documents Shed Light; DS Obama, Clinton, & Democratic Coup

2019 JUN 22 Trump; Gaggle; Heading to Camp David. Speaks about ICE, Iran, E. Jean Carroll 

2019 JUN 20 Lindsey Graham Iran Should Be ‘Ready for Severe Pain’

2019 JUN 16 Homelands by Katie Hopkins (Documentary)

2019 JUN 11 Gaggle; Trump; says Democrats & “OTHERS” Committed Egregious Crimes

2019 JUN 11 POTUS Turns Up the Heat President Trump Blistering Speech at Iowa Republican Dinner V02

2019 JUN 11 Why is Australia Now Importing (War Criminals)

2019 JUN 06 Exclusive Trump Sits Down with Ingraham on the 75th Anniversary of D Day

2019 JUN 01 Al-Quds Day; Jihadi (a pro-Hamas, pro-terrorism) Rally in Melbourne CBD Au

2019 MAY 30 Robert Mueller; ‘Put His Elbow on The Scale,’ Says Alan Dershowitz

2019 MAY 30 Trump; Gaggle; Rebukes Liberal Media for Colluding with HRC to Rig 2016 Election

2019 MAY 30 Gaggle; Trump; Made Several Strong Statements; Mueller is a (Never Trumper)

2019 MAY 29 Trump; Russia Collusion Narrative Is Dead; Mueller Shares Russia Investigation

2019 MAY 29 Adrian Norman; Political Islam an Interview Bill Warner

2019 MAY 24 Gaggle; Trump; Speaks to Press After Granting Barr Broad Power in Spying Probe

2019 MAY 24 Theresa May is Tearful as She Announces Her Resignation

2019 MAY 24 Rep Jerry Nadler Has Health Scare

2019 MAY 23 Pres. Trump Will Always Support the American Farmers

2019 MAY 23 Gaggle; Trump; 2nd Infrastructure Meeting; On Pelosi & Chuck Schumer

2019 MAY 23 It appears Nancy Pelosi is suffering Chronic Trump OCD

2019 MAY 22 Lou Dobbs Barr Says Federal Nationwide Injunctions ‘Violate Separation of Powers’

2019 MAY 16 Tommy Robinson, What Really Happened in Court Case 15th May

2019 MAY 16 Trump Announces Plan to Reshape US Immigration Policy

2019 MAY 14 Durham to examine Trump Surveillance & Coup Origins DS in Deep Trouble

2019 MAY 08 Mark Latham’s Maiden Speech at The LC of NSW, Sydney

2019 MAY 04 Gaggle; Trump; with Slovak Prime Minister at the White House

2019 MAY 03 Tommy Robinson What Really Happened in Warrington

2019 APR 27 Australian Election Interference by Qatar, The One Nation Scandal is a Lie from Qatar

2019 APR 27 Pres. Trump; Maga Rally in Green Bay, WI

2019 APR 27 Tommy Robinson Dispelling The (Mainstream Media) Myth In Manchester Wythenshawe

2019 APR 26 Former White House Adviser Steve Bannon Calls Out Joe Biden’s Ties with China

2019 APR 25 Tommy Robinson is Standing as an MEP the North West MP for EU 2019

2019 APR 24 We Shall Never Forget We Remember We Honour Them In Memory of My Dad

2019 APR 22 Lindsey Graham Expects A ‘Stampede’ To Impeach Trump

2019 APR 20 Notre Dame Cathedral Fire What You CAN’T Say…

2019 APR 19 AG Barr Delivers Detailed Remarks ‘Mueller Report’

2019 APR 18 Chief Architect of Notre Dame De Paris The Fire Is Very Probably Intentional

2019 APR 18 AG Barr Holds News Conference on Release of Mueller Report

2019 APR 15 EGREGIOUS CENSORSHIP of FOX NEWS; Steve Smith Not On My Watch Notre Dame Fire Paris

2019 APR 15 Cavuto; Hangs Up On Cath League Pres Donohue For Suggesting Notre Dame Fire No Accident

2019 APR 15 Yes Neil Cavuto Notre Dame fire was Arson Question; WHO AND WHY

2019 APR 15 Rated ‘M’ For Maga; So Much; Maga

2019 APR 12 Islam Dominates Melbourne Public Square Utter Disgrace of the Melbourne Police

2019 APR 11 Julian Assange Arrested at The Ecuadorian Embassy in London

2019 APR 10 William Barr Says Trump Campaign Was Spied on By Feds

2019 APR 10 Reps. Jordan, Meadows Brief Media on Next Steps Regarding Michael Cohen

2019 APR 10 Graham Grills Barr over Obama DOJ Surveillance of Trump Team

2019 APR 10 President Trump Says Some in FBI Are Treasonous DIRTY COPS

2019 APR 09 U.S. 2020 Election Trailer President Donald Trump (Drive the DEMS INSANE)

2019 APR 09 Pres Trump with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt Take Questions from The Press

2019 APR 09 Pres Trump with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt Take Questions from The Press

2019 APR 09 Candace Owens Accuses Democrat of Distorting Her Comments (Fox)

2019 APR 09 Candace Owens Accuses Democrat of Distorting Her Comments (CNN)

2019 APR 09 Barr to Review FBI Conduct During Russia Probe

2019 APR 07 Nunes Prepared to Send 8 Criminal Referrals to Barr

2019 APR 05 Pres Trump Fields Questions at Departure to Tour Wall in CA (6.29m)

2019 APR 05 Varney; Speaker Nancy Pelosi Has Lost Control of The House Democrats

2019 APR 05 Trump Tours New Section of Border Wall CA

2019 APR 04 Senator Fraser Anning Responds to Censure Motion Was Moved Against Him

2019 APR 04 UK Jayda Fransen Restricted YouTube Video & Account & Tommy Robinson Banned Facebook

2019 APR 01 Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern Christchurch Hospital visit

2019 MAR 30 Judge Jeanine Pirro; Mueller, DoJ & FBI; No. 44th; FISA Fraud; Unmasking; Leaking

2019 MAR 30 Rev. Gary Looking at the Sin Nature

2019 MAR 30 UK MPs (286 Yea 344 Nay) reject May’s Withdrawal Agreement for A 3rd Time

2019 MAR 30 Judge Jeanine Pirro; Mueller, DoJ & FBI; No. 44th; FISA Fraud; Unmasking; Leaking V02

2019 MAR 29 UK MPs Reject Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement for A 3rd Time

2019 MAR 28 Tucker Carlson Adam Schiff Is an Unbalanced Collusion Monger

2019 MAR 28 Hannity; US Is Leader and Envy of The World Thanks to Trump

2019 MAR 28 Gowdy Reacts To ‘Unprecedented’ Calls for Schiff To Resign

2019 MAR 27 Bolt Report the Real Story of One Nation & NRA Donations

2019 MAR 27 Pres. Trump Grand Rapids Mi Rally

2019 MAR 26 Chicago Mayor, Law Enforcement Reacts to Jussie Smollett Case and AG Foxx

2019 MAR 26 Kellyanne Conway goes NUCLEAR on the Liberal Mainstream Media over Russia Hoax

2019 MAR 25 Stephanie Borowicz Rep. Giving A (Weaponizing Prayer)

2019 MAR 25 Resolving the Reality of Political Islam and Sharia Law by Bill Warner PhD

2019 MAR 25 Bill Warner PhD Resolving the Reality of Political Islam and Sharia Law

2019 MAR 22 Tucker Did the President Betray His Country

2019 MAR 22 Hannity; The Lefts Favourite Conspiracy Theory Is Dead

2019 MAR 21 Trump Signs an Executive Order Promoting Free Speech

2019 MAR 21 Hannity; I Have A Special Message for Jim Comey

2019 MAR 20 Hidden Camera Jim Jefferies EXPOSED

2019 MAR 20 Trump Gaggle; Mueller, ISIS, George Conway, Twitter & Pakistan

2019 MAR 18 YouTube Censors; SSG. Ducote Sr. USA Army This Is Happening to Me

2019 MAR 18 The TRUTH About the Christchurch Mosque

2019 MAR 15 Pres. Trump Vetoes Resolution Blocking Border Emergency Declaration

2019 MAR 15 The Five; Reacts to Trump’s First Veto, Pelosis Challenge

2019 MAR 12 USA President Trump 2020 Budget

2019 MAR 11 Venezuela Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Provides an Update; Russia Created This Crisis

2019 MAR 08 Hannity; Serious Charges on there way against Deep State Players

2019 MAR 08 Nancy Speaker of the House of Anti-Semitic Democrat Party

2019 MAR 08 Jim Jordan “10×4” Coaching & Prepping Cohen by Adam Schiff

2019 MAR 08 Jeanine Pirro Ilhan Omar; Cohen & Adam Schiff

2019 MAR 08 Hannity We Now Have Damning Evidence on the (Deep State)

2019 MAR 08 Hannity (Deep State End is Nigh)

2019 MAR 07 New. Congressman gets up and RIPS Ilhan Omar to SHREDS

2019 MAR 06 Tucker; Democrats and the (Manufactured) Crisis

2019 MAR 04 The Reality of Jihad vs. Islamophobia (Propaganda)

2019 MAR 03 Medias Drug Is Bad News & Is There A Bias Happening

2019 MAR 03 John Bolton on Next Steps in Effort to Stop North Korea’s Nuclear Threat

2019 MAR 03 Devin Nunes Says Cohen Is Testifying in A Private Setting with No Classified Information

2019 MAR 03 What Should the American Public Look for In the Mueller Report

2019 MAR 03 Sen. Rick Scott I Am Going to Vote for Border Security with The President

2019 MAR 03 Dingell; Cohens Testimony Means to Future Investigations of Trump

2019 MAR 02 President Trump Delivers Remarks at the CPAC

2019 MAR 02 Jeanine Pirro; Will the Mueller Report Deserve Its Own Investigation

2019 MAR 01 President Trump Reveals Why Hanoi Summit Ended Without A Deal

2019 MAR 01 Mike Pence Blows the Doors off At CPAC

2019 MAR 01 CPAC 2019; Candace Owens, The Truth That Needs To Be Said

2019 MAR 01 CPAC 2019; Conversation with Nunes & Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

2019 MAR 01 CPAC Kellyanne Conway & Sara Carter; A Conversation about the Opioid Crisis

2019 FEB 28 Pres. Trump Participates in a Hanoi Summit Press Conference

2019 FEB 28 Tucker; Michael Cohen The Real Truth

2019 FEB 28 CPAC 2019 Gorka; Green New Deal, they Want to Take Away Your Hamburgers

2019 FEB 28 Hannity; President Trump Showed the World What Leadership Looks Like

2019 FEB 28 Trump; Michael Cohen Hearing, Robert Mueller Probe, Fisa Abuse Allegations

2019 FEB 28 President Trump Delivers Remarks to Troops Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

2019 FEB 27 Gutfeld On Media Coverage of Hanoi and Cohen

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones The Reign of Terror of Censorship (Joe Rogan) V01

2019 FEB 27 Pres. Trump Participates in a One on One Conversation with the Kim Jong Un

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Who Is Really Running Things (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Trump; Chairman Kim Jong Un kick off The Second Summit With Informal Dinner

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Government Uses DMT to Contact Aliens (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Asks Eddie Bravo About Flat Earth & the Moon Landings (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Responds to Being Labelled a Terrorist (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Explains Consciousness (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Hannity Democrats Hauled in Cohen To Embarrass Trump

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Clarifies Sandy Hook Stance (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones Nazis Made a Deal with Aliens (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 27 Tucker DC Never Stops Being Shocked at (Bad Man) Trump

2019 FEB 27 Pres. Trump and Kim Jong-un Meet in Vietnam

2019 FEB 27 Rep. Jim Jordan Michael Cohen is Delusional

2019 FEB 27 Alex Jones The CIA Has Been Tracking Me My Whole Life (Joe Rogan)

2019 FEB 25 Tommy Robinson Documentary Panodrama An Expose of the Fake News BBC

2019 FEB 24 (RUSSIA1 starts 15.24m) Dmitry Kiselev; Russia could turn the U.S. into radioactive ash (Exert)

2019 FEB 24 Dmitry Kiselev; Russia could turn the U.S. into Radioactive Ash (Excerpt RUSSIA1)

2019 FEB 22 Pres. Trump Meets with the Vice Premier Liu He, Prior to Trade Talks

2019 FEB 22 Congressman Graham Praises Trumps Latest Call on US Troops in Syria

2019 FEB 22 Maria Bartiromo & Cisco CEO on impacts of 5G technology rollout

2019 FEB 19 John Sweeney Under Investigation at BBC after Cannibal Slur

2019 FEB 18 Trump Delivers A Message To Venezuelan Americans

2019 FEB 19 Trey Gowdy fires off on McCabes Russia probe (bombshells)

2019 FEB 16 Carpe Donktum; The Twitter Fight at No Wall Corral Acosta vs. Trump

2019 FEB 15 Gorka reacts to McCabe; This is Sedition, attempt to Sabotage a duly elected President

2019 FEB 15 Dershowitz Ousting Trump via 25th Amendment is an Attempted Coup

2019 FEB 15 Pres. Trump Declares National Emergency & Holds Press Conference

2019 FEB 14 Hannity; We Are Dealing with The Deep State and A Huge Abuse of Power

2019 FEB 13 New Migrant Caravan Forming Could Be Largest Caravan Yet

2019 FEB 13 Trump Speaks at A Law Enforcement Conference

2019 FEB 12 Making Islamophobia a Crime by Bill Warner, PhD

2019 FEB 11 Trump Rally El Paso, TX & Laura Ingraham’s exclusive interview with the President

2019 FEB 04; President Trump Delivers the State of the Union Address

2019 FEB 01 Pres. Trump Meets to Discuss Fighting Human Trafficking on the Southern Border

2019 FEB 01 President Trump is READY to Declare a National Emergency over Border Security

2019 JAN 30 Jeanine Pirro Rips Congress a New One – Opening Statement

2019 JAN 29 Roger Stone Reveals All After Court Appearance

2019 JAN 28 The Alex Jones Roger Stone’s Emergency Message To Mueller, Trump & America

2019 JAN 28 STATE of the UNION the prophecy ~ Trump

2019 JAN 25 Hannity; Pres. Trump Washington Makes A Deal to Reopen the Government

2019 JAN 25 President Trump Delivers Remarks Regarding the Shutdown (WH Rose Garden)

2019 JAN 22 Sarah Sanders Defines Accurately [Pelosi; Nothing More Than an Obstructionist]

2019 JAN 22 Gutfeld Acknowledges He Spoke To Soon & Said He Was Wrong On The Maga Teen Video

2019 JAN 19 Pres Trumps offer and Democratic Madness of No Deal. Demon Rats

2019 JAN 14; A Brazen Plot Against Trump by Obama FBI DoJ Continues, with a Complicit Media

2019 JAN 14 John Cornyn; The Chuck and Nancy Shut Down; DEMS Should Be Ashamed & Embarrassed

2019 JAN 14 Gaggle; President Trump, Never Worked for Russia & James Comey Dirty Cop

2019 JAN 14 Press Gaggle; Kellyanne Conway Government Shutdown & Pres. Trumps Meeting with Putin

2019 JAN 13 Lindsey Graham; Ending Shutdown, Supreme Court Vacancy with Conservative Justice

2019 JAN 12 Gutfeld; The Border Crisis Has Become A Border Circus. How Did This Happen

2019 JAN 11 Deep State Panics Over NY Times Confirming Active FBI Coup Against Trump

2019 JAN 11 Tipping Point; CAIR; Parkland Shooting (Rpt); DEMS Bill Aid $12b, Wall $0 & AOCs GND

2019 JAN 11 Pres. Trump Calls on Democrats to Come Back to Washington and Vote

2019 JAN 09 How to Destroy the Lefts Argument Against the Border Wall

2019 JAN 09; President Trump Signs Trafficking Bill and Q & A with Reporters

2019 JAN 09 Mike Pence Press Conference After Meeting with Pres. Trump & Democrats

2019 JAN 09 Lionel Nation; Trump’s Epic Address to the American People

2019 JAN 09; Pres. Trump Exposes the Real Collusion, Between the Media & DEMS

2019 JAN 09 Sarah Sanders On Rod Rosenstein Leaving & Border

2019 JAN 08 Hannity; Mark Levin Blasts Democrat Response to Trump Address

2019 JAN 08 Fox & Friends Focus Today is the Border & National Security, the Wall

2019 JAN 08 Hannity; Lindsey Graham Reacts to Trump’s Oval Office Speech

2019 JAN 08 Jim Jordan; DEMS Are More Focused on Stopping the President Than Helping the Country

2019 JAN 08 Trump to the Nation; National Security & Humanitarian Crisis at Our Southern Border

2019 JAN 07 HANNITY; Border Crisis, The Truth; before the National Emergency Rightly Declared

2019 JAN 07 Fraser Anning Speaks About His Appearance at St Kilda Rally Au Awakening V01

2019 JAN 07 InfoWars; Trump; Oval Office to Declare National Emergency

2019 JAN 06 Trump Gaggle; Going to Camp David items in focus; Nth Korea, China Trade, The Wall

2019 JAN 06 Pres. Trump Means It When He Says The Gov Could Be Shut Down For Months Or Years

2019 JAN 05 What Happened at St Kilda Rally Au Awakening Clip DB01

2019 JAN 05 What Happened at St Kilda Rally; Raw Footage Au Awakening Part 2 (TU02)

2019 JAN 05 Uninterrupted; Blair Cottrell & Neil Erikson at St Kilda Rally Au Awakening DB02

2019 JAN 05 Blair Cottrell at St Kilda Rally; African gangs Au Awakening AM01

2019 JAN 05 Senator Fraser Anning was live at St Kilda Rally Au Awakening FA01

2019 JAN 05 What Happened at St Kilda Anti-Immigration Rally; Au Awakening MML01

2019 JAN 05 On the Ground at St Kilda Rally; Raw Footage Au Awakening Part 1 (TU01)

2019 JAN 05 (The Five) React to Rashidas Vulgar call for Trumps Impeachment

2019 JAN 04 Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer, speak After Meeting with the President

2019 JAN 04 President Trump addresses the Shutdown, Tlaib & Southern Border

2019 JAN 04 VP Pence & Tucker Goes One-On-One concerning the Gov Shutdown & Border Wall

2019 JAN 03 Kellyanne Conway; Government Shutdown, Border & President Trump

2019 JAN 03 President Trump; Mattis, I Essentially Fired Him

2019 JAN 02 President Trump on Mitt Romney

2019 JAN 02 Gidley; DEMS Refused to Listen to Sec. Nielsen Border Briefing

2019 JAN 01 President Trump on Border & Shutdown Cabinet Meeting V01 (1:36:49m)

2019 JAN 01 President Trump on Border & Shutdown Cabinet Meeting V02 (1.09.07m)