2011 Media CLIPS

2011 JUN 13 20 Things You Didn’t Know About… DNA

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2011 JUN 03 Genetically by Modified Crops: An Overview

But before release into commerce, genetically modified crops are first assessed for possible risk, including risks to the environment. Potential environmental risks associated with gene flow, risks associated with the allergy or toxic to human being, beneficial insects or non target organisms, risk associated with directly switching transgenic plants to superweeds, risk associated with increasing use of herbicides and the pest resistant to Bt plant are the major concern of the day.  Continue Reading


2011 MAR 26 The Truth About Islam An Interview with Brigitte Gabriel with Jimmy Swaggart

There are few people who know more about the religion of Islam, its aims, its direction and its intended goals than Brigitte Gabriel. Seeing the religion of Islam firsthand, in the crunch, and I speak of the Lebanese War, Brigitte learned the hard way as to what this religion actually is. Continue Reading