2021 JUL 28 SP Show Deadly Shots Former Pfizer Employee Karen Kingston confirms Poison in CoV19 Jab

Karen Kingston an analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries , came forward with indisputable documentation that should be shared with the ENTIRE WORLD! KAREN KINGSTON CONFIRMS that a TOXIC POISON was found in the Pfizer vaccines and is Graphene Oxide and Karen states nobody should subject themselves to the shots. Continue Reading


2021 Too vax or not too vax that is THE QUESTION

Some Decisions are really simple to make as there are a couple of key questions you ask and if the answer is Yes then yours should be NO thats if you want to remain safe and prefer not to play Russian Roulette with your Life and Well Being. If you’re feeling pressure to gamble with your Physical Well Being and even your Life it that classic moment from Dirty Harry “Do You Feel Lucky” Personally for me there’s nothing worth hanging onto at the cost of one physical Well being and Life. Continue Reading


2021 JUL 24 AU WHATS IN THE PRICK ScoMo you say You Die Your Fault Get GP Informed Consent

DEAD and INJURED AUSTRALIANS are just plainly ACCEPTABLE COLLATERAL DAMAGE! According to PM Scott Morrison as he went on to say THAT VACCINE DEATHS ARE SIMPLY A PART OF “PANDEMIC PREVENTION” translated for the naive (C’EST LA VIE) “WHO GIVES A SHIT – #ScoMo sure doesn’t” Continue Reading


26 JUL 2021 US Military May Be Preparing for ‘Big Event’ But Scenarios Still Unclear

US military are reportedly on the move in a big way internally, with larger and more frequent than normal convoys of flatbeds carrying APCs and other equipment westwards. High-level officers have also reportedly been warned to “get their houses in order” and stock up for something coming in August. Could this be final preparations for public manifestation of the “COVERT World War III of irregular warfare we are currently in”. Continue Reading


2021 FEB 01 A catastrophic Pfizer injury The Story of Jummai Nache

After receiving her second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on 1st February 2021 she started to experience chest pain at work. Three days after the chest pains I took her to Urgent Care on February 6, 2021. After the checkup, EKG and… Continue Reading