2021 APR 04 INFOWARS ESB World Shocked by SPARS Pandemic Scenario 2025-2028 Document

JOHN HOPKINS (Bloomberg School of Public Health) Center for Health Security SPARS Pandemic Scenario[1]SEE URL: Here is a link to the SPARS Pandemic document. https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/Center-projects/completed-projects/spars-pandemic-scenario.html JOHN HOPKINS CENTER for HEALTH SECURITY Scenario Mission Outline: The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative comprises… Continue Reading


2021 MAR 30 Twenty-Three Nation-State World Leaders Become Signatories to Letter Openly Calling for The WEF “Great Reset”.

A Treaty on Pandemics “should lead to more mutual accountability and shared responsibility, transparency and co-operation within the international system and with its rules and norms”, the leaders said.

Here is how deception is played out The Great Reset is not primarily about pandemics as you read the Manual “The Great Reset” written by Klass Schwab you will quickly realise these leaders are up to trickery and deceitful Stealth.

They are going to betray their nations and sale them into subjugation and servitude as humanity once was several centuries ago. Continue Reading


2021 Feb 25 Dr Carrie Madej in a Mind-Blowing interview with Kamalpreets Singh regarding CoV Jab

Buckle Up youre about to take a mind blowing  46 minutes with Dr. Madej brings to us honest illumination regarding mRNA Vaccine Technology, with its impacts on DNA Nanotechnology, Luciferase Oxidative Enzymes and the Bioluminescence Photoprotein and what its purposes are in the gene coding injection; and takes us into the BIG PICTURE; Bill Gates, NWO, Control on Society, Humans Owning Humans and beyond. Continue Reading


2021 APR 04 [GMT] Simon Parkes DEEPSTATE TAKE DOWN Current News Update

Simon Parkes touches on White Hat Activities, Mega Cargo Vessel EVER GIVEN/EVERGREEN and how it happened and why and what was found, Q Insights, Rods of God, Deep State Satellite taken down, White Hats Satellite System fully up and Functional. QFS Continue Reading


2021 APR 02 Tyler Wood Your Reality Is About to Be Shaken

WAKE UP Your Reality Is About to Be Shaken… by Tyler Wood. Continue Reading